GCCARD Homeless Services

Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care is a coalition of area agencies working together with homeless residents of our county to help them access needed services.  It's a proven way of agencies working together to prevent clients from slipping through the "cracks" in the system.

Working in conjunction with the "One Stop Shop", our homeless program exists to assure that our client's immediate shelter needs are adequately met and that they are provided tools to prevent future homelessness.  We have working agreements with the Shelter of Flint, YWCA Safehouse, Carriage Town Shelters, My Brothers Keeper, the One Stop Shop and the Oak Street Mission just to mention a few.  More than 300 homeless individuals and families have been serviced in the past year.

Shelter Plus Care Program

The Shelter Plus Care Program is a HUD funded grant which has been in existence within GCCARD since July 2003.  The program was developed to provide housing assistance to 20 qualified individuals and/or families.  The program has been consistently providing at 125% or more of intended capacity.  We also have another Hud funded grant called the Samaritan Shelter Plus Care program, which allows us to provide housing assistance for another 10 qualified chronically homeless individuals.