Document Control Department


The main function of the Document Control Department is to monitor and maintain the financial records for the Agency's numerous programs and projects.  In addition, this department responds to all fiscal monitoring visits by the State and Federal government, as well as the annual fiscal audit and the single program audit.  Since GCCARD is a department of the Genesee County Government, we are required to follow all procurement requirements and regulations as specified in Federal Government OMB (Office of Management and Budget) CIRCULAR A-87.  If you have any questions about OMB CIRCULAR A-87 please click on this link to access a copy.  The first link is a direct link to the White House and the government version of them, the second link is a streamlined version of them.

The goal of the Document Control Department is the total integration for all fiscal records and real time accessibility of these records to the user community.  By reaching this goal, the objective of efficiency and fiscal operations will have been met.  The more streamlined the fiscal data that is made available to the user community, the less cumbersome the monitoring of fiscal operations becomes.  

Amidst all this, is the Document Control Department's constant vigil in securing "best prices" for goods and services, streamlining record keeping, "on time" reporting to funding sources, as well as being available to help co-workers and directors to accomplish their own program goals.

The Document Control Department constantly evaluates operational policies in an attempt to reduce costs.  As each GCCARD department becomes more aware of their own fiscal responsibilities and makes more efficient use of their time and materials, then the Document Control Department goals have been met.