Area Action Councils

The Area Action Councils originated almost 40 years ago in response to a request from the Federal government for more community participation in operating the county's anti-poverty programs.

Through participation in the Area Action Councils, members with technical assistance, have the potential to make an impact on the decisions made by both public and private organizations, including GCCARD, in determining how anti-poverty monies should be spent in the areas serving the councils.

Goals for the councils vary in each community.  Each council provides influence on the social programs in order to provide residents with real opportunities to improve their lives.


Local Councils
  • ABC Riverpark Council
  • P.E.O.P.L.E. Council
  • Howard Estates Council
  • CYO #1 Council
  • 3C's Council
  • King Council
  • Joint Council


One way that the Area Action Councils raise money is through Walk for Warmth fundraisers.  The Walk for Warmth is a statewide effort by Community Action Agencies just like GCCARD,to promote public awareness of people who are experiencing heat-related emergencies and to advocate funds on their behalf.

The Walk for Warmth program is solely supported  by several fund raising efforts.  One of these efforts is a three mile walk.  Many volunteers and staff members raise pledges for their participation in the walk.  Additional Walk for Warmth monies come from the registration fees for the walk, and by selling "warm-a-boots" for a $1.00 donation.

Some other fund raising efforts that have taken place have included Charity Basketball games, Talent/Fashion shows, Sweetheart luncheons, miscellaneous Auctions, and Taco Sales. 

All of these fundraising efforts are a combined effort of the GCCARDemployees, their families as well as the entire local community, in order to facilitate this program and raise the awareness within the community concerning our mission.