Job Descriptions


 Account Clerk    
Account Clerk Coordinator     
Accounting and Budget Manager    
Accounting Supervisor-FOC     
 Accounting Supervisor-Planning    
Accounting Systems Coordinator     
Administrative Assistant County Clerk     
 Administrative Assistant Sheriff    
Administrative Health Officer     
Administrative Secretary         
      Administrative Secretary-Circuit Court    
 Administrative Secretary-Board Office    
 Animal Care Specialist    
Animal Control Dispatcher     
 Animal Control Officer    
Assessment Clerk     
Assignment Clerk     
Assignment Clerk-Office Manager    
Assistant Corporation Counsel-Prosecutor's Office I     
Assistant Corporation Counsel-Prosecutor's Office II     
Assistant Corporation Counsel-Prosecutor's Office III    
Assistant Director GCCARD    
Casework Supervisor     
Casework Supervisor-Court Services     
Casework Supervisor-Family Division     
 Casework Supervisor-FOC    
 Chief Medical Examiner    
Chief Park Ranger     
 Chief Deputy Register of Deeds    
Chief Deputy Treasurer     
Chief Epidemiologist    
 Chief Examiner    
Chief Information Officer     
Chief Park Ranger    
Chief Public Defender    
Circuit Court-Juvenile Records And Financial Operations Supervisor     
Civil Engineer-Drain     
 Clerical Coordinator-Public Health     
Clerical Coordinator-Register of Deeds     
Clerk Recorder    
Clinical Utilization Coordinator      
Communications & Brand Coordinator    
Community Corrections-Billing Clerk     
 Community Health Analyst    
Community Health Liaison     
Compliance Auditor     
 Corrections Deputy    
 County Controller    
Court Accounting Supervisor    
Court Administration Specialist    
Court Clerk    
Court Collection Specialist    
Court Financial Director    
Court IT Technician I    
Court IT Technician II    
Court Technology Coordinator     
Crossroads Village/Huckleberry Railroad Manager     
Defender Administrator Specialist     
Deputy Clerk     
Deputy Court Administrator    
Deputy Court Administrator- Fiscal Services and Technology    
Deputy Court Administrator- Juvenile Services    
 Deputy Data Entry Register    
Deputy Director of Court Operations    
Deputy Director-Parks     
Deputy District Court Clerk     
Deputy Health Officer    
Deputy Paramedic Assignment     
Deputy Register Of Deeds     
 Deputy Register    
 Deputy Treasurer    
Director Community Corrections     
Director Coordinator-Planning     
Director Of Environmental Health     
 Director Of Facilities Management    
Director Of Human Resources    
Director Of Information Services    
Director Of Maintenance And Construction     
Director of Maintenance and Project Management    
Director Of Nursing Services    
Director Of Parks And Recreation    
Director Of Planning And Development    
Director-Office Of Senior Citizen Services     
Director Veteran Services    
District Court Administration Specialist    
District Court Administrator    
District Court Courier    
Drain Assessment Supervisor    
Drain Laborer    
Drain Maintenance Superintendent    
Drain Maintenance Supervisor    
Drug Court Supervisor    
Election Clerk     
Elections Supervisor     
Emergency Management/Homeland Security Assistant Manager     
Emergency Management/Homeland Security Manager     
Employment And Benefits Manager     
End User Computing Coordinator    
Engineering Assistant     
Engineering Intern    
Environmental Education Outreach Coordinator    
Environmental Health Coordinator    
Environmental Sanitarian    
Environmental Health Supervisor    
Equalization Assistant Director    
Equalization Coordinator    
Equalization Supervisor    
Equalization Secretary    
Equalization Director    
Estate Analyst Administrator (Probate Court)    
  Family Court Clerk    
Financial Affairs Officer    
Financial Analyst    
Financial and Technical Supervisor - Friend of the Court    
Financial Operations Supervisor - Circuit Court    
Financial Systems Analyst    
FOC Administrative Assistant    
Food Operations Coordinator    
Food Service Manager    
Friend of the Court Deputy Director-Legal Services    
Friend of the Court Financial Assistant      
Friend of the Court Transport Officer     
GCCARD Clerical Assistant    
GCCARD Executive Director    
GCCARD Finance Clerk    
GCCARD Finance Director     
General Superintendent Drain Maintenance     
Genesee County Corrections Deputy    
Genesee County Parks And Recreation Director     
Geographic Information System Director     
Geographic Information System Specialist    
Geographic Information System Technician    
Grant Coordinator     
 GVRC - Maintenance Mechanic    
GVRC - Program Aide     
GVRC - Program Manager     
 GVRC - Supervisor    
 GVRC - Utility Worker    
GVRC - Youth Specialist     
Health Educator    
 Health Education Coordinator    
Health Technician     
 Heavy Equipment Operator    
 Home Maintenance Services Director    
Horticultural Assistant     
Housing Rehab Inspector Coordinator     
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist I     
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist II     
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist III     
Human Resources Director     
Human Resources Representative Coordinator    
Human Resources Representative    
Human Resources Secretary    
Information Services Director    
IT Business Services and Project Manager    
IT Intern    
IT Service Desk Technician    
IT Systems Engineer    
IT Systems Manager     
IT Technical Services Manager    
IT Technician I    
IT Technician II    
IT User Support Technician    
Judicial Advisory Assistant    
Jury Board Supervisor      
    Juvenile Justice Center Director    
Juvenile Justice Center- Program Manager    
Juvenile Program Specialist    
Juvenile Section Administrator    
Juvenile Services Supervisor    
Land Foreclosure Specialist    
Lead Planner     
 Lead Social Service Worker    
Legal Division Supervisor    
Light Equipment Operator    
Magistrate/Deputy Clerk Of The Court    
Maintenance Mechanic Trainee    
Maintenance Mechanic    
Manager Crossroads Village/Huckleberry  Railroad    
Managing Assistant Prosecuting Attorney    
Mapping Technician    
Marketing Specialist-Health Department    
Master Mechanic    
Master Mechanic Apprentice    
  Medical Examiner Administrator     
Medical Health Officer    
Medical Technologist    
Mental Health Court Coordinator     
Mental Health Court Supervisor    
 Mental Health Court Clerk    
MIDC IT Technician I    
Nurse Practitioner    
Nurse Practitioner Care Manager (NPCM)    
Nutritionist I    
Nutritionist II    
Office Coordinator (BOC)    
Office Manager-Probate Court    
Office Manager-Prosecutor    
Office Manager    
Office Manager-Family Court    
Office Manager-Financial Division    
Office Supervisor (FOC)    
Organizational Development Coordinator    
Outreach Services Administrator    
Paralegal - Prosecutor Civil Division    
Paralegal Law Library    
Paralegal (FOC)    
Paralegal (Prosecuting Attorney)    
Park Maintenance Manager     
Park Maintenance Vacuum Truck Operator    
Park Project Manager    
Park Maintenance  Worker I      
Parks Communications, Event and Brand Manager    
Park Naturalist    
Park Ranger    
Park Superintendent     
Parks Communications Specialist    
Parks Marketing Specialist    
Parks Operations Manager    
 Parks Planning and Project Management Director    
Payroll Account Clerk        
Payroll Coordinator    
Payroll Analyst    
 PC Technician    
Planning Intern (Seasonal)      
  Planning Specialist      
Planning Technician    
PREP Navigator    
Principal Account Clerk     
Principal Planner     
 Probate Court Administrator/Register    
Probate Court Judicial Secretary    
Probate Register     
Problem-Solving Court Clerk    
Program Clerk    
Program Development Specialist     
Program Services Specialist    
Property Attendant    
Property Description Technician     
Public Health Coordinator    
Public Health Division Director    
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Coordinator    
Public Health Information Systems Coordinator    
Public Health Information Systems Technician    
Public Health Intern    
Public Health Nurse Coordinator    
Public Health Nurse    
Public Health Nurse II    
Public Health Nursing Supervisor    
Public Health Program Coordinator    
Public Health Supervisor    
Purchasing Administrator    
Purchasing Manager    
Quality Assurance Coordinator    
Quality, Licensure & Emergency Response Administrator    
Railroad Operations Manager     
  Railroad Operations Specialist    
Railroad Shop/Right-Of-Way Supervisor    
Recreation Program Coordinator    
Recreation Programs and Grants Officer    
Register of Deeds Technician    
Registered Dietitian    
Registered Dietitian Coordinator    
Retirement Services Administrator    
Retirement Services Assistant    
Risk Manager    
Risk Manager Coordinator    
Seasonal Account Clerk-Treasurer    
Secretary Steno    
Secretary/Recorder - District Court    
Senior Account Clerk    
Senior Billing Clerk    
Senior Civil Engineer-Drain    
Senior Court Clerk    
Senior Deputy District Court Clerk    
Senior Deputy District Warrant Clerk    
Senior Deputy Register    
Senior Services Administrator    
Senior Services Program Assistant     
 Senior Services Specialist    
Senior Special Assistant Prosecuting Attorney    
Sergeant (Corrections)    
Social Service Worker    
Social Service Worker Community Corrections    
Social Service Worker - District Court    
Social Service Worker - Probate Court    
Social Service Worker - Office of the Sheriff    
Special Assistant Prosecuting Attorney     
Special Prosecuting Attorney I - Civil Division    
Special Prosecuting Attorney II - Civil Division     
Special Prosecuting Attorney III - Civil Division     
Tax Assistance Navigator    
Tax Foreclosure Outreach Specialist    
Transaction & Commercial Property Specialist    
Transactions Supervisor    
Utility Worker    
Veterans Information Center Director     
Veteran Service Officer    
Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator    
Volunteer/Events Coordinator