Dependent Addition/Deletion Policy Information


Employees enrolled in the Employer’s health insurance program must add or delete dependent(s) within thirty (30) days of the date of the qualifying event (birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, etc). Employees who fail to notify Human Resources within the required time frame to add a dependent must make the desired change during the annual open enrollment period which is during the month of April for a June 1st effective date.  It is very important that your insurance records reflect accurate information.  Therefore, please let us know when ...

Adding a New Dependent (Marriage, Birth, Adoption, Guardianship, Medical Support Order)

To include a spouse or dependent under your medical/hospital, prescription, dental, and optical coverage, you must complete and submit to Human Resources the appropriate change form along with other required documentation.  

Insurance Enrollment Form  Insurance Enrollment Form Retiree

When adding a spouse you must include a copy of the marriage certificate and proof that spouse's other medical coverage will be cancelled effective with the Employer’s insurance enrollment date. Dual medical coverage is not allowed.

When adding children you must include a copy of the birth certificate, adoption or legal guardianship documentation.

You may also want to change your beneficiary designation for your life insurance at this time.

Deleting a Dependent (Divorce, Non-eligible Dependent, Death, etc.)

To delete a spouse or dependent from your medical/hospital, prescription, dental, and optical coverage, you must complete the appropriate change form and submit it to Human Resources.
Insurance Change Form      Insurance Change Form Retiree   

If an employee fails to report an ineligible dependent whether it be because of divorce, death or loss of dependent status, the employee may be required to reimburse the county for any insurance premiums paid and/or services rendered on behalf of the ineligible dependent.   

Dependent Covered Through Another Source of Medical/Hospital Insurance Plan

If your dependent has obtained coverage through another employer you must complete and submit an enrollment/change form to Human Resources to remove the ineligible dependent from your coverage.

Insurance Change Form     Insurance Change Form Retiree

Opting out of Genesee County’s Medical/Hospital/Prescription Insurance Plan

If you are opting to enroll into another medical/hospital/prescription insurance plan through another employer, you can participate in the County’s reimbursement program. Please complete the enrollment/change/deletion form to cancel the insurance with Genesee County and enroll into the reimbursement program (annual amount based on contract).   Please submit completed forms to the benefits office.

Address/Name Change

Changes in address or name must be updated on your insurance and other personnel records.  Please submit a copy of the name/address change form to the payroll department and Human Resources office.