Annual Open Enrollment


Every year in April Genesee County will have an Open Enrollment period. During that time employees have the option to change to a different health insurance plan that is available according to the collective bargaining agreement or personnel policy. If other medical/hospital/prescription coverage is available to the employee, (s)he may opt out of the insurance plan and receive the bi-annual reimbursement. The amount of the reimbursements varies among the bargaining units. Please refer to collective bargaining agreement or personnel policy.

Dependents that were not added within thirty (30) days of the qualifying event (marriage, birth, adoption, etc.) may be added during this annual reopening for a June 1st effective date.  Also, any dependent deletion that was not previously reported, such as divorce, other medical coverage, death, etc., must be done at this time.  It is fraudulent to carry ineligible dependents and their removal will also ensure the County is not paying unnecessary premiums.

Shortly before the open enrollment period begins, each eligible employee will receive written notice of the open enrollment, via the U.S. mail, which will include current payroll deduction amounts for each carrier.


Please contact the benefits office for additional information at (810) 237-6120.