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Department of Veterans Services

Disability  Compensation

Disabled VetsBenefit Description
Which Benefits/Payments may affect your VA Compensation?   
     -   Military Retired Pay
     -   Disability Severance Pay
     -   Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI)
     -   Selected Reserve and National Guard
Are there other related benefits? 
Am I eligible for Disability Compensation?

When can I apply for Disability Compensation?
How do I apply for Disability Compensation?
How do I get help or more information?

Benefit Description: 

The VA compensation program provides monthly benefits if you are disabled because of an injury or disease incurred in or aggravated during your military service and for certain  conditions which may develop after your release from active duty.

Benefits are authorized  based upon the severity of your claimed 

If your service-connected disabilities are evaluated as 30 % or more, you are entitled to additional allowances for your  dependents.

Which Benefits/Payments may affect your VA  Compensation? 

Military Retired Pay 
By law, the payment of VA compensation benefits is affected by the receipt of military retired pay. If you receive military retirement, you may initiate a waiver of your retired pay to receive the full amount of VA compensation. Until the waiver takes effect, your compensation will be adjusted or withheld depending on the amount of military retired pay you are entitled to. The advantage of waiving military retired pay for VA compensation is that VA benefits are not taxable.

Disability Severance Pay
By law, payment of VA compensation and military disability severance pay for the same medical condition or disability is prohibited. VA compensation will be withheld on a monthly basis until the total amount of military severance pay has been recovered. Special Separation Benefit (SSB) - VA compensation will be withheld in full until the amount of the SSB has been recovered.

Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI)
Your annual VSI payment will be reduced by an amount equal to the amount of VA compensation paid for the same period.

Selected Reserve and National Guard 
By law, if you are an active member of the Selected Reserve or National Guard, your VA compensation will be withheld at the rate of one day of pay for each drill period served. 

*Note -  VA compensation is not payable while serving full-time on active duty

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Are there other Related Benefits?  
Yes.  Listed below are some of the other related benefits that may be available. 

  • Priority Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Care

  • Prosthetics, Sensory and Rehabilitative Aids

  • Clothing Allowance

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Disabled Veterans Life Insurance

  • Preference for Employment in the Federal Government

  • Burial Benefits

  • Dependents Educational Assistance Program

  • Medical Care for Dependents and Survivors (CHAMPVA)

  • Certain State and Local Benefits


Am I eligible for Disability Compensation?  

If you were honorably discharged from active military duty,  you may be entitled to VA disability compensation for any medical condition or injury that was incurred in, or aggravated by, your military service . 

When can I apply for Disability Compensation? 

  • There is no time limit to apply for VA disability compensation. 

  • You are encouraged to apply within one year of your release from active duty as entitlement is established retroactively to the date of separation if your claim is filed within this period. 

  • The effective date of eligibility for benefits will be based upon the date of your claim if you apply beyond the one-year period.

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How do I apply for Disability Compensation? 

  1.  You need Veteran's Application for Compensation
    VA Form 21-526EZ).

  2. You should submit the following supporting evidence/documents with your application:

  • Service Medical Records
  • Other Medical Records
  • Dependency Documents
  • Military Discharge/DD Form 214

 - Those applicants who have their service medical records are encouraged to submit them with their application to expedite processing. Otherwise, VA will contact the service department to obtain them.

 - Medical records to substantiate all treatment by private doctors and hospitals.

 - Original or copies of birth and marriage certificates and copies of divorce/death record terminating all of your prior marriages and those of your spouse.

- (Copy 4 - Member Copy) Those applicants who have a copy of their DD-214 are encouraged to provide a copy with their claim to expedite processing.

How do I get help, or more information?

One of our Veterans Service Representatives is available to discuss Disability Compensation, or any veterans’ related issues,  with you.  



Jeanne Thick, Director
Department of Veteran Services
1101 Beach St.
Flint, MI  48502
(810) 257-3068

Hours:  Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 11:45 am
 and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm 

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