Register of Deeds

John J Gleason, County Clerk/Register of Deeds

John J. Gleason, Clerk/Register

County Administration Building
1101 Beach Street
Flint, MI  48502
Phone  810.257.3060
Fax  810.768.7965

Office Hours (click here for Holidays)
Monday Thru Wednesday
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
No Longer Need Appointment
Closed Thursdays and Fridays


As of 6/28/2021 – Open to the Public:  Monday – Wednesday 9:00am – 3:00pm 

***Effective January 3, 2020, we will no longer accept documents with White Out. 

  • All document types, regardless of page count will be $30.00 to record.
  • Documents assigning/discharging more than one instrument will be charged $3.00 per Liber and Page after the first.
  • Document Certification is $5.00; copies remain $1.00 per page.



Please be on the lookout for solicitations from Document Retrieval Service companies offering to help Genesee County residents acquire a certified copy of their deed for $49.50 to $87.00.  Copies of all land records can be purchased from the Register of Deeds office for a much smaller fee, often as little as $2.00.

The Register of Deeds office records documents pertaining to all real property transactions pursuant to the Michigan Recording Act.  "An instrument that complies with the provisions of this act and any other act relating to the recording of instruments shall not be rejected for recording because of the content of the instrument."

The goal of the Genesee County Register of Deeds office is to serve the citizens of Genesee County by providing excellent customer service. To accomplish this goal, we use the latest technology available and take time with each and every client in order to meet their needs.

The Register of Deeds is a constitutional office established by the Michigan State Legislature as the custodian of legal documents pertaining to real property. These documents include Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Land Contracts, Releases, Powers of Attorney, Liens, Plats, Amendments and other miscellaneous documents designated by state law to be recorded by the Register of Deeds.

As you can see, the responsibility that the legislature has given the Register of Deeds is very important. Nearly every citizen will invest in real property at some point in their lives. Most of the time, it will be the largest investment these citizens ever make. Therefore, the integrity of these records is extremely important. Because of the importance of the recording and maintaining of these vital records, the Register of Deeds is an elected position and each term is four years.

After a document is recorded it is available to the public and can be reviewed and/or copied by anyone.  Currently the public may review an online index and purchase copies of documents recorded since 1994.  Older documents are maintained in books or microfilm and are available for copy or review in the office.

Please see the list of links beside this and click on the item(s) you need.  Keeping your valuable records accurately and safely is our main goal.

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