Questions and Answers

What are the hours of the Register of Deeds Office?        
         Register of Deeds hours are:
         9:00AM – 3:00 PM
         By Appointment Only

Where are you located?
Downtown Flint, in the Genesee County Administration Building
        1101 Beach Street
        View Directions and Map

What are the recording fees?

Fees are charged to record any deed, mortgage, lis pendens, certified court order, or other instrument in the Register’s office.  View Fees

What is the transfer tax?

Tax is based on the amount of consideration paid for the interest being transferred. Click here for further Transfer Tax Information.

How can I get a copy of a document?

Documents are computerized, so you can get copies ONLINE, NOT IN-LINE by searching our online index for documents recorded since 1994, with some records available from 1989 through 1993.

You need a name to search any land record information, along with an approximate transaction year

Records may be searched online using names, parcel numbers (property tax identification number), or the street address, if these were provided on the instrument. Searches may be done in our office back to the 1800's.

Copies may also be obtained in person by visiting our office in downtown Flint or by mail via a written request containing the recording information of the desired copies and the appropriate fee(s). View Fees

How do I search for documents?

Search Online - Click to access online index.

Search In Person - Public computer terminals in the Register of Deeds can be used free of charge to view indexes.

How do I find out who owns certain property?

If you do not know the property owner's name, you may contact the assessor for the city, or township in which the property is located. These offices will provide you with the name(s) that appear on the tax roll which may or may not be the owner(s). With these names, you can search our office in person or online for any recorded information*.

*We cannot verify property ownership. We can help you find the last document on record.

Why record instruments?

Documents are recorded in the county's official records to publicly declare their existence and to protect yourself from future claims on the title. Anyone can research these records to identify property, ownership and liens placed against the property. Our documents are public record.


Can I get genealogy information?


Yes, you can. You need the approximate year of transaction, party name(s), and be prepared for heavy lifting as some of the old records are in heavy books. You may want to bring someone to assist you. The County Clerk also has genealogy information.

Is this where I come to redeem my property?

You can make arrangements through the involved companies, financial institutions or their legal counsel, who will figure the redemption amount and complete the redemption process. Or, you may figure the redemption amount yourself and the Register of Deeds office will act as a holding agent. The Register of Deeds office will not figure nor be responsible for accuracy of the redemption amount.

Do you handle property auctions through a tax sale?

No. Please see the Genesee County Treasurer site.

Can you prepare my document or give me the forms to use?

No. The Register of Deeds staff does not prepare any legal document(s), nor can they give legal advice. Forms may be obtained from an office supply company. If you need assistance, please contact an attorney.

Quit Claim Deed forms are available on our website.

Where can I find a notary?

Financial institutions, funeral homes, title companies, realtors, automobile dealerships, and many other businesses have notaries on staff. You will also find listings in the yellow pages of your telephone book, or check online. Some county offices have notaries who, if available, will notarize documents.

When an instrument is recorded that legally removes the name of an owner (like a death certificate), why don't you simply issue a new document showing the current owners?

Register of Deeds staff do not prepare documents. State law mandates that if a document meets state requirements, then the Register of Deeds must accept and record that document. The Register of Deeds is just a recording office.

I've paid off my mortgage. How can I get a copy of my deed?

You should get your deed when you first purchase the property. If you do not have your deed, then you can get a certified copy of it at the Register of Deeds office; and a certified copy is just as good as the original.

When you pay off a mortgage, you should receive a Discharge or Release  of Mortgage.

How do I add someone to my deed?

To add or remove someone from a previously recorded deed, a new deed needs to be created by you, a real estate professional, or an attorney knowledgeable about real estate documents. There are many different types of deeds and the Register of Deeds cannot advise you about what type of deed you need to prepare or how to prepare the deed. For your convenience, a quit claim deed form (Quit Claim Form) is available to purchase and download on our website. These forms are also available to be purchased at title companies and office supply stores. Please contact a title company or an attorney to advise you. Several local title companies are listed on our website and local attorneys can be found on the Genesee County Bar Association’s website,

Who is the owner of (street address and city)? Or how do I find out if there are any liens on my property?

All searches are done either in person by coming to the Register of Deeds or by searching the online index for documents recorded since 1994, with some records available from 1989-1993. You can get a taxpayer name and address for free by calling the local Assessor's Office in that City or Township.

What are transfer taxes for?

Please call 810-257-3054 for details.

How do I get a legal description for property?

Call the local Assessor's Office in that City or Township.

How can I get the property taxes for an address?

Call the local Assessor's Office in that City or Township, or call the Genesee County Treasurer's Office at 810-257-3054.

Does marital status have to be shown on documents?

Yes. The marital status of males must be shown on deeds and mortgages for grantors.

Does the document need to be witnessed and notarized?

Documents executed in the state of Michigan prior to March 4, 2002, must have the signatures and printed names of two witnesses. The document must be notarized, with the notary acknowledgment stating the names of the persons they witnessed signing the document, and showing the notary's printed name, county of commission and expiration date. After March 4, 2002, documents do not have to be witnessed, only notarized. See Recording Requirements

What documents have to be tax certified?

Warranty deeds, any deeds which include warrant or covenant clause, and land contracts must be tax certified at the Genesee County Treasurer's Office to show the property taxes are up-to-date.  The County fee for tax certification is $5.00.

Will you record a copy of a death certificate?

Death certificates submitted for recording must be certified copies (with a raised or embossed seal).