Fee Schedule

Acceptable payment methods:  Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card (Minimum Processing Fee of $2.50 applies)

Please make check for recording fees payable to Genesee County Register of Deeds.

To find out fees for other counties in the state of Michigan, please contact the Register of Deeds office in which the real estate is located.

Recording Fees

Deed, Mortgage, Lis Pendens, Certified Court Order, or other instrument:

Each Document

$30.00 Flat Fee


Assignments and Discharges

For any document which assigns / discharges more than one instrument, add $3.00 to recording fee for each additional instrument so assigned / discharged.


Tax Fees  (Please make checks payable to the appropriate Treasurer)

Tax Certifications

All Warranty Deeds, Land Contracts, Assignments of Land Contract, or any Deed that contains a Covenant of Warranty must have a Tax Certification from the County Treasurer’s office.

Genesee County Treasurer

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Effective July 1, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Transfer Tax

Based on the amount of consideration paid for the interest being transferred. There is no transfer tax for Mortgages in Michigan.

County Transfer Tax

$1.10 per thousand

State Transfer Tax

$7.50 per thousand


Copy and Search Fees

Type of Document

Copy Fee

Search Fee

Certification Fee

Real Estate Record

$1.00 / pg


$5.00 / document

U.C.C. Filing

$2.00 / pg


$5.00 / document

Tax Lien

$3.00 / pg


$5.00 / document

Plat of Record

$3.00 / pg


$5.00 / document

Plat of Record 18 x 24

$6.00 / pg


$5.00 / document


Uniform Commercial Code Fees

Personal Property Filings

Standard Form


Termination Statement

Standard Form = the form prescribed by the Secretary of State


Fixture Filings**


Standard Form


Termination of Fixture Filing

To be recorded in the real estate records (MCL 440.9403)