The best and most successful students are those that attend school every day.  Students that have a record of regular attendance are not only patterning good academic behavior, but they are also starting on a path of responsibility that will assist them in every aspect of their future life.

There is a need in Genesee County for a well-educated, responsible workforce.   Jobs from the past, that didn't require college degrees, are fast declining.  Employers, new and old, are searching for communities that can compete on an international level and supply them with intelligent and reliable employees.

Juvenile delinquents often have poor attendance records and dismal grades in school.  School provides a focus and purpose for a juvenile who might otherwise lack such qualities.  Amazingly, most delinquents can remember a time in their lives when they received good grades in school.  Coincidentally, these times generally reflect excellent attendance on their part.

For these important reasons, Prosecutor David Leyton commenced the "PROJECT CHALKBOARD" initiative.  In an effort to enforce Michigan law, which requires children between the ages of 6 and 16 to be enrolled in school and makes it the responsibility on their parent or guardian to get them there, Prosecutor Leyton is focusing on getting truants back in school.

The message is simple and the plan is clear: parents or guardians of children in 1st through 4th grades throughout Genesee County must get their children into the classroom or face prosecution under Michigan law.  If a truant child in the above grade levels has missed more than 15 days of school without an excuse, during a particular school year, Prosecutor Leyton has asked school officials to follow up with 2 letters to the child's parent or guardian.  If no progress is noted after letters from the school have been received, the parent or guardian will receive a warning letter from the Prosecutor. If the truant pattern still persists, Prosecutor Leyton will seek a criminal warrant for the arrest of the responsible parent or guardian.