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2016 News and Press Releases



10.21.16 Clarkston Man Charged in Two Assaults on Female Joggers

10.18.16 Man convicted of murder

9.14.16 Royal Oak Doctor Charged with Making Death Threats

9.13.16 Man Convicted in Toys 'R Us Shooting

8.3.16 Man Charged in 2011 Sexual Assault 

7.29.16 Woman Charged in Grand Blanc Apartment Shootings

7.21.16 Prosecutor Leyton files Motions to Preserve Life Sentences for Juveniles Convicted of Murder

6.14.16 Two charged in Flint House Fire that killed three children

6.14.16 Charges to be announced regarding Flint House Fire that killed three children

5.13.16 Prosecutor Padlocks Uptown Bar and Grill

4.29.16 Two men convicted of murder

4.19.16 Two men charged in sexual assault

4.19.16 Two after hours clubs in Flint Township padlocked

3.24.16 Joshua Demott convicted of child abuse

2.26.16 Jury Convicts Howard Street Gang Member of Felony Murder

2.10.16 First CSC case charged after the Sexual Assault Rape Kit Grant initiative identifies suspect

2.5.16 Flint Man Convicted of Murder

2.3.16 Cameron Wells charged with child abuse

2.3.16 Seay and Cooper convicted on gun charges

2.2.16 Beware of scams during the Flint Water Crisis

1.8.16 Former Jordanian Extradited on 1982 murder case