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2012 News and Press Releases

Image: Newspaper


12.6.12 Stanley L. Smith Found Guilty of Murder

11.2.12 Halls found guilty in Child Sexual Abuse case

10.24.12 Jeramy Wagner Charged in Death of Newborn Son

10.10.12 McConnie Baker Charged with Murder in Death of Brother

9.24.12 Man Charged with Killing Wanda Musk

9.11.12 Johnnie Johnson 2009 Murder of Demario Dupree

9.7.12 Two Teens Charged in Mott Park Murder 

7.30.12 Prosecutors Receive Michigan State Police Award for Professional Excellence 

Picture taken at Michigan State Police Award Ceremony

7.19.12 Detroit Man Charged in Triple Murder

 7.11.12 Business Owners Charged with Food Stamp Fraud

7.3.12 Man Charged in Shooting at Flint Township McDonald's  

6.25.12 Trio Convicted in 2010 Murder of Timothy Baker 

6.25.12 Abuelazam Sentenced to Life in Prison

6.19.12 Two Fenton Teens Charged with B&E in search of "K-2 Spice"

6.15.12 Two Men Charged in Shooting at Mt. Morris Township Detective 

6.8.12 Flint Woman Not Charged in Shooting of Boyfriend

5.22.12 Abuelazam Guilty of Murder

4.23.12 14-year-old Charged in Dog Fighting Case  

4.20.12 Plouffe Pleads Guilty to Killing/Torturing His Dog 

4.18.12 Jones Convicted in Murder of Homeless Woman

4.17.12 Prosecutor's Office to Recognize Crime Victims Rights Week

4.5.12 Flint Man Charged in Shooting of State Police Trooper

 4.2.12 Man Charged in Heroin Overdose Death

3.30.12 Benton Found Guilty in Murder of 6-year-old 

3.28.12 1985 Cold Case Murder Charged

3.16.12 Conviction in Murder of Grand Blanc Woman

3.7.12 Four Charged in Flint Township Carjacking Homicide

3.2.12 Two Charged in Flint Double Homicide 

3.2.12 Man Shot by State Police Charged with 7 Felonies

2.28.12 Tyree Austin Charged with Murder

2.27.12 Justice for Dominick Calhoun

2.27.12 Mt. Morris Township Man Charged with Child Abuse

2.24.12 Burnside Convicted of Attempted Murder of Good Samaritan

1.19.12 Brandon Hayes Verdict