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2011 News and Press Releases

Image: Newspaper


12.01.11 Flint Township Double Homicide

11.10.11 Blout Charged in Death of 13 year old

09.08.11 Flint Man Charged with Murder in Saturday Night’s Fatal Hit and Run

8.31.11 Flint Man Charged in Attempted Abduction of Two Girls

08.30.11 Flint Man Charged in 2007 Store Murder

08.30.11 Richard Short Sentenced to Prison

08.25.11 Vicious Dog Charges

08.08.11 One Year Later - Elias Abuelazam Update

7.06.11 Flint Father Charged with Assault on 2 Year Old Son

7.06.11  Flint Twp. Father Charged with Murder of 2 Year Old Daughter

6.20.11 Man Sentenced to Prison for Killing Mt. Morris Twp. Father in 2009 

6.17.11 Jarvon Brown of Pierson Hood Gang Convicted of Murder 

5.23.2011  "Pierson Hood" Member Convicted of Murder 

5.19.2011 Flint Woman Pleads to Carjacking of Mundy Twp. Man 

5.18.11  Man Pleads to 2009 Murder of Mt. Morris Twp. Father 

5.17.11 Three Men Convicted in 2010 Murder 

4.20.11 Serial Slasher Suspect Case Resumes with Court Hearing 

4.18.11 Court of Appeals Affirms Cunturso Sentencing 

4.07.11  Flint Man Convicted for Home Invasion While Homeowner Watches TV 

3.31.11  Jury Convicts Shawn Gardner in Murder of Lennon Johnson

3.30.11  Employee Charged with Embezzling from Mott College 

3.16.11  Jury Convicts Tow Truck Driver for Stealing Vehicle 

3.15.11 Jury Convicts Man in 2009 Mt. Morris Twp. Hi-and-Run Murder 

3.14.11  Josephus Atchison Convicted in 2006 Cold Case Murder 

3.14.11  Two Flint Men Charged with Murder of Grand Blanc Woman 

3.09.11  Gaines Man Charged with Shooting Bald Eagle 

2.09.11  Atherton Sub teacher to Stand Trial for 
Inappropriate Touching of 11-year-old Student

1.28.11  Grand Blanc High School Special Ed Teacher Charged with CSC 

1.19.11  Genesee Twp. Man charged with 
1st Degree Child Abuse Against His Daughter

1.18.11  Man Charged in Death of 4-Month Old Daughter

1.14.11  Martenza Thompson Charged in Flint Twp. Homicide 

1.11.11  Cases Against Abuelazam Shift to Circuit Court 

1.10.11  Abuelazam to Stand Trial in Burton Stabbing Case 

1.06.11  Five Men Charged in Ethnic Intimidation in Flint Twp.