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2008 News and Press Releases


12.31.08 Jury Convicts Man in January 2005 After-Hours Club Slaying 

12.18.08 Carrodine Sentenced to Life in Prison for 1997 Murder, Rape 

12.17.08 Bar Association Lawyers Serve 1,000 at Annual Community Holiday Dinner 

12.11.08 Ivan Page Convicted of 1st Degree Murder for 2001 Homicide 

12.08.08 Mall Rapist Kevin Thomas Sentenced to Lengthy Prison Term 

12.05.08 Davison Man to Stand Trial in Shooting Death of His Wife 

11.24.08 Tax Preparer Sentenced to Prison for Exploiting Elderly Clients 

11.21.08 Prosecutor Leyton Profiled in The Flint-Genesee County Legal News 

11.20.08  Grand Blanc Woman Charged with Embezzlement of $2 Million 

11.18.08  Kelly Arthurs Bond Revoked after she is arrested 

11.14.08  Jury Convicts James Carrodine for 1997 
Rape and Murder of 14-year-old Shayla Rose

11.03.08  Trial Date Set for Mother Charged in 
Drunk Driving Death of 8-year-old Daughter

10.28.08  Mall Rapist Kevin Thomas Convicted on All Counts 

10.28.08  Fate of Accused Mall Rapist Kevin Thomas in the Hands of the Jury

10.23.08  Former College Professor Sentenced for Stabbing Grand Blanc Woman

10.21.08  Trial Begins in Shopping Mall Rape Cases 

10.20.08  Kelly Arthurs to Stand Trial in 
Drunk Driving Death of Her 8-year old Daughter

10.15.08  Task Force Addresses Illegal Prescription Drug Abuse by Teens 

10.02.08  Man Charged in Sexual Assault on 94-year old woman 

10.01.08 Four Men Charged in Armed Robbery and Slaying of Flint Store Clerk 

9.22.08  Harshman Pleads Guilty to Stabbings 

9.22.08  Pierson Hood Gang Members to Stand Trial 

9.11.08  Davison Man Charged with Murder in the Shooting Death of His Wife

9.04.08  Trio Arraigned on Charges Related to Drug Mill 

9.03.08  Clio Man Charged in Kidnapping and Attempted Sexual 
Assault on 13-year old girl

8.28.08  Leyton Seeks Padlocking of Burton Nudist Club 

8.19.08  Flint Teacher Charged with Having Sex with 12-year-old Student 

8.18.08  Richfield Twp. Man Receives Maximum Prison Term in Crash Death 

8.12.08  Mother Charged with 2nd Degree Murder in 
Drunk Driving Death of her 8-year-old Daughter

8.04.08  Westwood Heights Business Agent Charged 
with Embezzlement of More than $41,000

7.29.08  Assistant Prosecutor Kennan DeWitt Discharged from Employment 

7.21.08  Richfield Twp. Man Found Guilty on All Counts in Motorist's Death 

7.17.08  Teen Father Charged in Deadly Assault on Baby 

7.17.08  Thetford Twp. Killing Was a Drug Deal Gone Bad 

7.17.08  Tax Preparer Charged with Stealing 
More Than $1 Million from Elderly Clients

7.16.08  Statutory Board Accepts Melvin McCree's Resignation 

7.14.08 Woman Pleads Guilty in Flint Twp. Fake Kidnapping Case 

7.11.08  Prosecutor's Remarks Regarding Investigation of Assistant Prosecutor 

7.11.08  Prosecutor to Announce Investigation Into Improper Conduct by an APA 

7.01.08 North Branch Man Sentenced to Lengthy Prion Term in Driving Death 

6.27.08  Teen Pleads to 2nd Degree Murder for 2007 
Shooting Death at Howard Estates

6.27.08  Law Enforcement to Crack Down on Illegal Fireworks

6.26.08  Hackworth Sentenced to Life In Prison for "Baker College Murders"

6.16.08  Prosecutor Leyton Meets with Senator Barack Obama 

6.16.08  Verdicts in Murder of Jerry Quackenbush 

6.09.08  Man Charged in Shooting Death of Police Chief's Son 

6.09.08  Prosecutor to Announce Charges Related to 
Shooting Death of Flint Police Chief's Son

6.05.08  Bad Check Restitution Program Returns 
More than $1 Million to Local Merchants

5.22.08  One found guilty, another sentenced in murders of Justin Petty and Daniel Tyson 

5.21.08  Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting His Stepmother

5.20.08  As One Murder Trial Concludes, Three Others Begin 

5.12.08  Jury Convicts Two Men in January 2007 Shooting Deaths 

5.09.08  Man Convicted in Attempted Rape and Home Invasion Case 

4.30.08  Clayton Twp. Woman Sentenced in Animal Cruelty Case 

4.29.08  Kevin Odette Sentenced to 25-75 Years for Child Molestation 

4.17.08  Former Register of Deeds Jeffrey Brohn Charged 
with Sex Offender Registry Violation

4.10.08  No Charges to be Issued in Flint's First Homicide of 2008 

4.10.09  Flushing Woman Charged for Reporting 
False Abduction from Flint Twp. Store

4.09.08  North Branch Man Pleads Guilty to 
Second-Degree Murder for Drunk Driving Crash

4.08.08  Two More Members of the "Pierson Hood" Gang Charged 

4.04.08  Flint Man Found Guilty for August 2007 Shooting Death 

4.03.08  Prosecutor Leyton:  No Charges Issued in 
Shady Acres Mobile Home Park Police Shooting

4.02.08  Decision to Be Announced on 2007 Shady Acres 
Mobile Home Park Police Shooting

3.26.08  Flint Man, 17, Sentenced to Prison in Woman's Shooting Death 

3.26.08  Former Special Deputy Faces Prison for Sexual Assault on Sisters 

3.25.08  Woman Charged with Embezzling $120,000 from Bowling Association 

3.20.08  Flint Twp. Parking Lot Abduction Investigation 

3.19.08  Man Pleads to 2007 Baker College Murders 

3.19.08  Genesee County Man Pleads in Sex Assaults Involving Children

3.19.08  F.A.C.T. Team Receives Governor's Award 

3.14.08  Flint Twp. Man Charged with Preying on Elderly Flint Woman 

3.13.08 Prosecutor and Sheriff to Hold News Briefing on 
Vulnerable Adult Embezzlement Case

3.10.08  Prosecutor Wins Conviction in Animal Cruelty Case

3.10.08  Jury Convicts Man in 2006 Shooting Death of Woman at Drive-Through Store

3.06.08  Hockey Player Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Referee

3.05.08  Former Goodrich Treasurer Pleads to Embezzlement 

3.04.08  Mt. Morris Man Pleads to Molesting Children 

3.04.08  Flint Police Inspector Agrees to Resign

3.03.08  Mall Rapist Arraigned in Circuit Court 

2.29.08  Burton Murder Suspect to be Arraigned

2.21.08  Mall Rape Victims Testify at Court Hearing

2.21.08  Rape Defendant to Stand Trial for Shopping Mall Attacks 

2.14.08  Leyton Issues Warrant for Flint Police Officer in Sex Case

2.11.08  Fenton Chiropractor Apologizes for Fondling

2.05.08 Local Attorney Faces Prescription Fraud Charge

2.01.08  Prosecutor Announces Decision in Lansing Police Shooting

1.22.08  Two Convicted in 1996 Slaying

1.18.08  Jury Convicts Man for Shooting at Sheriff's Deputies 

1.17.08 Flint Man Faces Trial for Crash that Killed Father, Child

1.16.08 Prosecutor Charges 3 Men for Large Illegal Texas Hold 'Em Games 

1.15.08 Man to Stand Trial in Grand Blanc Twp. Bludgeoning Death Over a Debt

1.14.08  Rape Case Test-Newspaper Editorial

1.09.08  Woman Receives Jail Time for Tossing Dog

1.09.08 ACLU Protests Prosecutor's Request to Give STD Test to Rape Suspect

1.07.08  Flint Man Pleads Guilty in Slaying at Nail Salon