Mission Statement
 The mission of the Genesee County Probate Court is to administer justice in a fair, timely, and professional manner to all persons who appear before the Court. The Probate Court Judges and Staff are dedicated public servants who efficiently process all matters relating to the settlement of decedents estate, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, and commitment of persons with a mental illness. Resolving disputes among interested persons will be accomplished efficiently with appropriate consideration of the best interests of the minor, the protected individual, the estate, and the public and all others who come before it.

  The probate court is a court of record. It has exclusive jurisdiction in matters relating to the settlement of the estate of a deceased person, trusts, appointment of guardians and conservators and resolution of any contest resulting from these matters. The probate court has concurrent jurisdiction for proceedings ancillary to the settlement of an estate of a decedent, ward or trust as outlined in the Estates and Protected Individuals Code.

The Mental Health Code gives the probate court jurisdiction in proceedings concerning involuntary commitment of mentally ill persons to a psychiatric hospital and appointment of guardians for developmentally disabled persons.

Judges of the Probate Court
Chief Judge Jennie E. Barkey
Judge F. Kay Behm