Deceased Estates

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If a person dies with property (both land and/or personal property) titled in his or her name only, someone has to be given the legal authority to transfer that property out of the deceased person’s name and into the name of whoever is entitled to receive it. The purpose of the Probate Court is to authorize and oversee this transfer of property.

The person appointed by the Court or the Probate Register to transfer these assets is called the Personal Representative. The Probate Court grants the Personal Representative the authority to collect all of the deceased persons’ assets and transfer them to the persons named in the will or to the heirs if there is no will.

Informal Deceased Estate:

- Filing fee: $175.00 (personal checks are not accepted)
- Certified Letters of Authority: $11.00 each (personal checks are not accepted)
- Publication fee: $93.80 money order only  made payable to Genesee County Legal News


Application for Informal Probate and/or Appointment of Personal Representative (PC 558)

Testimony to Identify Heirs (PC 565)

Supplemental Testimony to Identify Nonheir Devisees (PC 566)

Renunciation of Right to Appointment, Nomination of Personal Rep and Waiver of Notice (PC 567)

Register's Statement (PC 568)

Acceptance of Appointment (PC 571)

Letters of Authority for Personal Representative (PC 572)

Notice of Appointment and Duties of Personal Representative (PC 573)

Notice to Creditors (PC 574)

Inventory (PC 577)

Inventory Fee Calculator

Closing an Informal Deceased Estate:

Sworn Statement to Close (PC 591)

Certificate of Completion (PC 592)