GCCARD Home Maintenance Program

The Home Maintenance Services Program has been providing home energy conservation services through the installation of Weatherization measures to low income families since 1975.  This program continues to be one of the best in our state.  Services are provided on the homes of income eligible persons who own their own home or who rent their home.

Services may include:

  • Attic and Sidewall insulation
  • Repair or replacement of windows and doors
  • Furnace testing and cleaning
  • Hot water heater wraps
  • Other conservation measures
  • Health and safety issues

Health and Safety Issues

Health and Safety Issues have become a serious concern of this program.  Testing for carbon monoxide and air quality are additional services provided on every home or apartment.



Provides complete weatherization services to those who qualify.


Provides major repair or replacement of furnaces and hot water heaters as well as other Weatherization measures.

Home Improvement Program

Provides emergency repairs and full code rehabilitation for eligible City of Flint homeowners.  This program is ranked very high among programs of this type in the City of Flint and is considered one of the most proficient programs providing code rehabilitation services.

REACH (Residential Energy Assistance Challenge Program)

This program provides self-sufficiency education and training from the Department of Human Services formerly known as the Family Independence Agency (FIA).  Participants will receive educational material to assist in lowering the utility bills in their residence as well as a 'DO IT YOURSELF' energy saver kit with products and weatherization supplies worth up to $300.  The energy saver kit includes items such as carbon monoxide monitors, caulk, weather striping, water heater wraps, compact florescent light bulbs, etc.

MPSC (Michigan Public Service Commission Program)

This program compliments the Weatherization and REACH programs.  This program allows GCCARD to service additional clients in the weatherization program by installing 5 roofs as well as  providing additional energy efficiency measures.  The MPSC program also allows GCCARD to provide energy education to clients in coordination with the REACH program.  Program funding is administered by MCAAA.



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