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Youth and Family Grievance Procedures

The Genesee Valley Regional Center (GVRC) is committed to responding to any and all concerns raised by residents or resident’s family members.  If discussion of the resident or family concerns does not resolve the issue, the GVRC administration encourages residents and families to utilize the grievance procedure as outlined below:

  • Grievances may be initiated by a resident of the Genesee Valley Regional Center or by a member of a youth’s family on behalf of the resident.  Residents and families are encouraged to first attempt resolution of their concerns through discussion with staff team members or GVRC management.

  • Resident grievances should be filed in writing with the staff team, with a copy routed to the first-level supervisor of the team.  Grievances must be signed and dated.  Assistance will be provided if youth requests it.

  • The resident’s case manager will meet with the grievant prior to team meeting discussion.  There will be a written response to the grievance by the case manager and staff team within 14 calendar days.  Copies of the team’s response will be provided to the youth and placed in youth’s file.

  • Grievances not resolved by the first-level response may be appealed to the Facility Director for further consideration.  The second and final response will be in writing within 14 calendar days of receiving the grievance.  All responses will include the reasons for the decision. The grievance, and both responses, will be provided to youth and/or parents and the JJS, as well as placed in youth’s file.

  • Grievances of an emergency nature must be reported to a member of supervision and responded to immediately.

  • Resident’s family members may request a grievance form from any GVRC staff and submit the completed grievance form to the Facility Director.  The Director will provide a timely response.

  • This policy should not be construed to interfere in any way with the youth’s or family’s right to contact any Genesee County staff member or official, the court or jurisdiction, or other interested party who may facilitate the resolution of their concerns.