Residents shall be permitted to send and receive mail.  Residents’ letters shall not be read by staff, except where there is clear and convincing evidence to justify such actions.  If a letter requires staff reading, the resident shall be present when the letter is opened.  Packages shall be opened in the presence of staff and contents will be inspected.


  • Residents may not write to persons who have been disapproved by their caseworker.
  • All incoming mail shall be opened in the presence of staff, or client may choose to return it to sender, unopened.
  • If a letter is not given to a client, the reason for this action shall be supported by a Rite-O-Gram to the Program Manager, with a copy placed in the client’s file to provide documentation that proper procedures were followed.
  • Outgoing mail shall be recorded on a Weekly Mail Sheet.
  • The Agency shall pay for two (2) to four (4) letters per week as determined by status in the group.