Genesee Valley Regional Center

The County of Genesee

Genesee Valley Regional Center

Mission Statement


Genesee Valley Regional Center is a licensed Child Caring Institution organized for the purpose of supporting justice and public safety by providing short term incarceration and programming for youth court ordered into detention pending the court’s disposition of the juvenile’s case. This organization’s goal is to achieve its mission within a safe and caring environment.


Genesee Valley Regional Center

Program Statement


Genesee Valley Regional Center (GVRC) is a “High Secure” juvenile detention facility operated by the County of Genesee Board of Commissioners.  GVRC admits male and female youth between 10 and 18 years of age and court ordered into a juvenile detention facility.  GVRC’s admits Genesee County youth as well as youth ordered into detention by other county courts and the State of Michigan’s Department of Human Services.  Release from GVRC also requires a court order. 


GVRC provides a “Group Process” modality detention program in order to ensure a safe and humane detention experience for all residents.  A 12 month a year basic education program is provided by Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools within the facility.


GVRC provides routine medical health care to all residents by a full time nurse and a physician visiting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Residents with non-routine medical issues are sent to area specialists and emergency facilities as needed. 


The local Community Mental Health Department provides a half time Case Manager and a Psychiatrist for two hours a week.  The GHS also provides MAYSI screenings for each resident and provides follow up recommendations for residents requiring mental health interventions while placed at GVRC.  The GHS has also funded a substance abuse didactic group for residents identified as needing education in substance abuse prevention.   Residents requiring formal mental health and substance abuse treatment are transported to off-campus appointments as needed.


The daily program day is structured from morning through the evening with school every week day followed by structured recreation and 90 minute group meetings.  Weekends are filled with major living area cleaning, more structured recreation, and group meetings. This allows for Youth Specialist to safely manage their groups.


It is the policy of GVRC to facilitate the religious practices of residents by providing access to religious services and counseling.  Residents shall have the right to participate in religious services and counseling on a voluntary basis subject only to the limitations necessary to maintain order and security.


All religions shall be granted equal access, status and protection in the practice of religious activities in GVRC.  All clergy and religious volunteers providing services at GVRC are required to honor other clergy’s and religious volunteers’ belief systems and are not permitted to denigrate, defame or undermine any resident’s beliefs.


Residents may freely engage in the religious practice of their choice, including the attendance at religious services, reading of the Bible, or other religious literature of their choice.


Attendance at the services provided or at counseling sessions is voluntary on the part of residents.  The Administration of GVRC encourages residents to participate in religious services, counseling, counseling sessions and other related activities.  However, no resident may be intimidated or coerced into participation or non-participation in any religious activity.  Moreover, no resident may be penalized for refusing to actively participate in any religious services.


Family visits are scheduled for each resident on Saturday or Sunday for up to two hours. Visiting is limited to Parents, Guardians, or Grandparents unless there are special circumstances.