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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Should I bring my child clothing?
All clothing and hygiene products are provided to youth while they are detained. There is no need to bring additional clothing. If you would like to bring different clothing for your child to wear to court you may do so. The clothing that you will bring will replace the clothing your child was admitted to the facility in and will be given to you. All youth are allowed only have one set of personal clothing while detained

  • Should I bring my child’s medication?
Yes, please bring all medications to the facility. They will be given to the Nurse and Doctor for review before they are allowed to be given. The nurse will contact you if further information is needed.
  • Can I bring my child’s schoolwork to the facility?
Yes, if there are specific assignments that are given to your child they will be provided to the school instructors who are located at the facility.
  • Can I bring my child food or money?
No outside food or money can be given to your child. If your child obtains their up-level they are allowed a meal outside of the facility. No beverages or any liquids are allowed.
  • If my child came in with personal items can I have them?
Yes, you may pick up your child’s personal items at any time. You will sign for the items and they will be released to you. If your child requests that these items are not to be given to anyone they will remain secured at GVRC until your child is released.