Committees & Meetings

Department Mission

The Genesee County GIS Department promotes and supports the development and implementation of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology across departmental and jurisdictional boundaries. The GIS Director is appointed by the County Board of Commissioners on an indefinite basis and is responsible for the overall coordination of GIS efforts throughout the County.

GIS Executive Steering Committee

The GIS Executive Steering Committee provides overall direction to, and governance of, the enterprise GIS program. The Steering Committee is primarily composed of senior representatives from each of the prominent GIS user and support departments and a representative from the County Board of Commissioners. The Steering Committee sets the County’s overall policy direction for the enterprise GIS and exercises management control of the program based on any procedural rules it adopts. The Steering Committee’s responsibility includes providing management review and oversight based on recommendations from participating departments and the GIS Director. The Steering Committee normally meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of January, March, May June, August, and October at 9:00am in the Planning Commission Conference Room located on the second floor of the County Administration Building.

Agendas and Minutes of the Working Group and Steering Committee

GIS Users Group (formerly the GIS Working Group)

Initially, the GIS Working Group was comprised of one staff member from each of the organizations represented on the Executive Steering Committee, Information Services, and the GIS Department.  The purpose of the Working Group is to carry out the directives established by the County’s GIS Steering Committee and to implement procedures for integrated operations and management of both the enterprise system and departmental GIS activities and programs. The Working Group had primary responsibility for ensuring successful inter-departmental coordination and GIS implementation.

In 2013 the working group has transitioned to a less formal GIS Users Group.  Primary participants include the GCMPC, the Road Commission, the Drain Commissioner and meets on the fourth Monday of every month at 1:30pm in the Planning Commission Conference Room located on the second floor of the County Administration Building.