Genesee County Family Court
Consists of 4 Family Court Judges:


Duncan M. Beagle

Elizabeth A. Kelly

     judge christenson   
       B. Chris Christenson


John A. Gadola

Genesee County Family Court Includes
5 Family Division Referees
Referees are quasi-judicial court officers who may hear most family division matters.  Genesee County has 5 referees.  3 referees hear matters related to custody, parenting time, juvenile delinquency, and child neglect.  2 referees hear Friend of the Court matters.  The 2 referees assigned to Friend of the Court matters hear motions related to child support and DNA testing, child support investigations, objections to Friend of the Court recommendations, and show causes requested by the Friend of the Court.

Child Support Referees Custody, Parenting Time, and Juvenile Referees
Referee Carlson and Referee Christie Referee Hood, Referee Heath, Referee Robb
Phone: 810-237-6130               Fax: 810-424-4447 Phone: 810-257-3087
[email protected]  



John "Jack" Battles was appointed Director of the Friend of the Court on August 31, 2006.  Jack has lived and worked in Genesee County all his life.  He graduated in 1979 from Western Michigan University and received his Juris Doctorate from St. Louis University School of Law in 1982.  Jack has practiced law in Genesee County since 1987 and has been a strong advocate for children and families.  As Director of the Friend of the Court, Jack continues to strive for the best interests of children and families in Genesee County.  Jack is married and has 2 children.

Genesee County Friend of the Court Professional Staff

The Friend of the Court currently has twelve child support enforcement caseworkers.  Three caseworkers are assigned to each of the four Family Court Judges.  Cases are distributed by an alphabetical split based on the man's last name.  The enforcement caseworkers are responsible for enforcement of approximately 50,000 Genesee County domestic relation cases.  Responsibilities include collection of support, show cause hearings, activities to locate parties and employers, and preparation of orders and other court documents. 

Parenting Time Caseworkers: The Friend of the Court currently has 3 parenting time enforcement caseworkers.  The parenting time enforcement caseworkers are responsible for responding to all complaints related to parenting time.  By Michigan law, parenting time complaints need to be in writing to the Friend of the Court.

Intergovernmental Paralegals:
 The intergovernmental paralegals assist the court with enforcement of cases where one of the parties resides outside the State of Michigan.  The intergovernmental team is also responsible for interactions with other states and countries that have support matters.

Modification Department: The Modification Paralegals review child support orders eligible for a review once every 36 months if the child or the custodial parent is receiving public assistance. In other cases, the FOC will conduct a review on written request by a party, but not more often than once every 36 months, unless the party proves a substantial change in circumstances. A party who needs an immediate change in the support amount should file a court motion requesting the change. Merely notifying the FOC that one parent’s financial situation has changed cannot automatically change the ordered support amount. Referrals for a child support review can also be submitted by the Department of Human Services or requested internally by our enforcement personnel.