Friend of Court - Online Forms

Friend of the Court forms can be submitted via mail to 630 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 2500, Flint, MI  48502 or via email to [email protected]


Direct Deposit Authorization
Debit Card Authorization

Copy Request Form  - to request a copy of a document previously placed in your file; subject to a charge of $1.00 per page
Pay History Request - to request pay history prior to 2003.
Change In Personal Information - Please also provide identification with form
Reasonable Parenting Time Rights - Reasonable rights of parenting time as ordered by the courts when parties cannot agree
Personal Financial Verified Statement
Uniform Child Support Order
IV-D Application/Application for Child Support Services
Verified Statement
Affidavit of Medical Professional


Injured Spouse Waiver
- For the spouse of a Non-Custodial Parent (Payer of support) who would like to sign off on their portion of the Income Tax Refund Intercept or inform us they have already submitted an injured spouse waiver with their tax filings and would like us to review for Income Tax Refund Interception release.  


Support Complaint 
Parenting Time Complaint
Medical Bill Reimbursement Complaint
Health Insurance Complaint


Cancellation of Agreement of Non-Enforcement
Direct Credit Form
IV-D Modification Application - Request for Modification of a Court Order when the Order is at least 3 years old
Vacation Credit
Objection to Friend of the Court Modification
Objection to Referee Recommendation Regarding Support


DHS 681 - Request To Discharge State-Owed Debt



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