Warning Sirens

Picture of a Siren

There are currently over 80 free standing sirens in Genesee County. In addition, some out-county fire departments use their fire sirens for tornado warning or 70 mph or greater winds as well as fire. Check with your local fire department.

The sirens are tested the 1st Saturday of the month from March through November at 1:00 p.m. If a large fire is in progress, the test may be delayed for up to 15 minutes. The test lasts approximately 4 minutes and begins with a wavering tone, followed by a solid blast tone.

Besides the test, the sirens are activated for tornado warning, 70 miles per hour winds or higher only. For a tornado or 70 mph winds or greater warning, the siren will give a solid one minute or three minute (depending on siren model) blast every 10 minutes until warning has expired.

Remember the sirens are designed to warn people out-of-doors. Anyone hearing the siren should go to their TV or radio for information.

If your local siren is not functioning, please contact your municipality.

If you live outside the warning area or can not hear the sirens in your home, Genesee County Emergency Management recommends all residents to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio to continue to be informed of severe weather and warnings for Genesee County. These radios are very easy to use and relatively inexpensive. It is a valuable investment for any family considering they could help save the lives of family members.