The Symposium on Substances (SOS) Class is a prevention/early intervention class focusing on the prevalence of drinking and driving and the impact that drinking and driving have on the community, how alcohol impairs both the mind and the body, assertive decision making, laws pertaining to drinking and driving, progression of alcoholism, and types of assistance available.   

The Theft Intervention Program (TIP)  examines the offense cycle, identifying triggers, intentions, rationalization/thinking errors and actual conscious intention to “offend”.  Behavioral modification techniques are shared that can decrease impulsivity not only when it comes to theft, but other areas of life.  The participant will understand how theft impacts individuals and the costs to society and even their own families.

The Facts About Drugs (FAD) class is not to replace therapy but to give the participant information on substance abuse.  The role denial plays in substance abuse is discussed as well as the different types of rationalizations associated with drug use.  The effects of substances on the community, family and personal life will be discussed.  The impact of increased prescription drug use and the false belief that "addiction can't happen to me" is explored.  At the end of the class, the participant will have a greater understanding that drugs change the way we think, feel, and behave and will therefore better understand the progression of addiction.  

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The facilitator, Wesley Cross, is a certified addictions counselor.  Mr. Cross’ passion for assisting people with substance abuse issues creates an atmosphere that is nonjudgmental, allowing for the participants to begin a journey into self discovery.

 Classes are held on Saturdays.  Class size is limited in order to ensure a positive experience for the Participant.  Classes fill up early so it is important to register today.  Participants must pre-register by paying the registration fee at the court location in which the participant appeared. Upon payment of the registration fee, the Participant will need to call 810-257-3177 to be assigned a date and time. 

It is the hope of the 67th District Court that these classes will inspire behavioral changes in offenders who are involved in the criminal justice system.