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Pre-Trial Services

Under Pretrial Services Supervision, Genesee County Community Corrections, in collaboration with Court Services and the Genesee County Sheriff, will supervise felony defendants on bond as ordered by the Court.

The purposes of the pretrial release decision include providing due process to those accused of crime, maintaining the integrity of the judicial process of securing defendants for trial, and protecting victims, witnesses and the community from threat, danger or interference.

 Subject to judicial order, bond amendment including supervision on bond, tether, and residential treatment programming are available for incarcerated felony pretrial inmates. The Court may order supervision as a condition of bond at arraignment.


 Marlene Collick
 Director of Community Corrections

Phone: 810-424-5702
Fax:      810-424-4488

 Mark Harrison
 Court Services/Community Corrections
 Social Service Worker

Phone: 810-424-5701
Fax:      810-424-4488


 Tiffany Jones
 Pretrial Services Social Service Worker

Phone: 810-424-5709
Fax:      810-424-4488

 Kari Zmich
 Pretrial Services Social Service Worker

Phone: 810-424-5710
Fax:      810-424-4488