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Order On Line   -
If you would like to purchase a vital record on line, you can do so by clicking a link below. 
NOTE:     If ordering a birth record on line, BY CLICKING A LINK BELOW, you testify to all of the following:

  • That you are USING A CREDIT CARD IN YOUR OWN NAME, you are not using another person's credit card to place an order .
  • You fully understand the eligibility requirements to obtain a birth record and fees listed below.
  • You further understand that the credit card will be charged the full amount of the order and will not receive a refund or transfer of fees even if a record is not obtained.
  • You further state that you are a person listed on the birth record (child, mother, or father).
  • You fully understand that birth records are only shipped to the billing address for the credit card.

Birth Certificate  Marriage License Death Certificate

Birth Certificate

( Additional $30 )

Marriage License

( Additional $30 )
Death Certificate

( Additional $30 )

Order in Person

Office hours are 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Order By Mail

If you would like to place an order by mail, print out an application form  to mail to our office.  When ordering by mail, payment is accepted by money order only.  

Eligibility Requirements

Death and Marriage Records - Anyone is eligible to receive a certified copy of a death or marriage record (Michigan Compiled Law 333.2882(1)).

Birth Records - The following individuals are eligible to request a birth record (Michigan Compiled Law 333.2882(1)(a)): 

  • Child named on the record.
  • Mother named on the record.
  • Father named on the record.
  • Legal Guardian of child named on the record (A certified copy of the guardianship order must be presented at the time of application.)
  • If you do not meet one of the above qualifications, you are NOT eligible to request the birth record.  
  • NOTE:  Even with express permission, third parties DO NOT have authority to order birth records (third parties include but are not limited to spouses, grandparents, siblings, step-parents, foster care parents).

    Photo identification is required when ordering birth records in person or through the mail.  If ordering in person, bring valid (unexpired) driver's license, identification card, or passport with you to our office.  When ordering by mail, you must include a photocopy of valid (unexpired) driver's license, identification card, or passport with the application.  If you do not possess valid photo identification, click here    for information on alternate ID. 
  • Birth Record - Child Born to Single Mother - If you were born prior to October 1978 AND your mother was not married at the time of your birth, you MUST contact the State of Michigan’s vital records registry to get your record.
  • Birth Record - Adopted or Legal Name Change - If you are adopted or have had a legal name change (other than by marriage), you MUST contact the State of Michigan’s vital records registry to get your record. 

Vital Record Fees

All vital records (birth, death, and marriage) issued from our office are "certified" with a "raised/embossed seal".

The current fee for a certified copy of a Genesee County vital record is $25.00. The fee provides for a search of our records and does not guarantee that a record is on file. If no record is found or if the applicant requests a birth record that they are not eligible to request, the applicant will receive, in place of the certified copy, an official statement that the record requested is not on file with the Genesee County Clerk or an official statement that the applicant is ineligible to receive the record. 

When more than one certified copy of the same record is ordered, the first certified copy is $25.00 and each additional certified copy of the same record, ordered at the same time, is $10.00 per copy. 

Persons who are 65 or older applying for a certified copy of their own birth record are charged a reduced fee of only $5.00 for each copy ordered. 

These fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

Shipping Fees

  • Regular Shipping - All records ordered by mail or internet are shipped to the customer via regular mail through the United States Postal Service.  Although processing time varies, most customers can expect to receive their vital record no more than 10 days from the date of purchase.
  • Express Shipping - Customers who wish to have their vital record shipped via UPS Overnight Services can do so by choosing the express option on the document type they are ordering.  The additional fee for overnight shipping is $30.00 for all records requested on the same order.  Overnight shipping fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable.  

    For on line overnight orders received in our office prior to 1:00 p.m., records and/or responses are shipped on the date the order is received.  Otherwise, on line overnight orders will be shipped on the next regular business day.  For orders received in our office via regular mail or overnight courier, records and/or responses are shipped within 2 business days. 

    Saturday delivery IS NOT AVAILABLE.  Click on this link for Holiday/Furlough Day closures.   

  • NOTE:  Delivery of express shipping can NOT be made to a post office box.  A physical address is required for express shipping.