Genesee County 7th Circuit Court accepts the forms provided by SCAO

Below is the link to the State Court Administrative Office and the approved forms that can be used in Genesee County 7th Circuit Court.

All court forms require the completion of:

  1. The court (top left corner)
    • Court address 900 South Saginaw, Flint, MI  48502
    • Court telephone number (810) 257-3220
  2. The CASE NO. (top right corner)
    • Existing cases use the number assigned to the case
    • On a new case you must provide the CASE CODE which is a 2-letter code.

Completing Forms Online
Forms can be completed online and printed using Acrobat Reader. Forms that have been completed online can be printed and mailed or brought to the Genesee County Clerk's Office for filing with the correct fee. You can print or make copies of a completed form for the court, the parties, and anyone else who needs the form. See the upper-right corner of the form for copy details. A court can reject a form for filing under Michigan Court Rule 8.119(C) if all needed copies are not included with the filing. Unless stated in court rule or statute, a court is not responsible for making copies of forms for you.

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