• A motion fee must be paid on the filing of any request for an order or hearing whether entitled "motion", "petition", "application", or otherwise.  Documents submitted without the required filing fee will not be accepted for filing and will be returned.
  • Only one fee will be charged for any number of motions filed at the same time on the same case.
  • The $20 motion fee is due for each motion filed whether or not a hearing will be held (ex parte motions) or whether argument on another motion has already been scheduled for the same day in the same case unless both motions are filed at the same time.
Civil Filing Fee $175
Petition for Name Change  $175
Petition for Emancipation $175
Appeals to Circuit Court  $175
Appeals from Circuit Court $ 25
Jury Demand $ 85
Motion Fee $ 20
Foreign Judgment $175
Writ of Garnishment, Attachment, Execution,
or Judgment Debtor Discovery Subpoena
Attorney Oath $25
Certified Copy or Exemplified Copy $10
Photocopies per page $ 1
Searches per name $ 5
Video Recording Fee $20
Order of Filiation $59
NSF Check Costs $20
Driver’s license fee   $45
Court cost/Court fines  $49
 No fee is charged for criminal motions  
 No fee is charged for PPO filings  

Domestic relations fees are due at the time of initial filing of the case or at the time a motion or post judgment motion is filed.  Domestic relation fees are:

Initiating Domestic Case w/children   $255
(includes $80 FOC fee)
Initiating Domestic Case w/o children $175.00
Initiating case for support  $  40
(includes $40 FOC fee)
Motion fee regarding custody and/or parenting time $100
(includes $80 FOC fee)
Motion fee regarding support only $60
(includes $40 FOC fee)
Judgment and Order Entry Fee in an action
in which custody or parenting time of minor
is determined 
Judgment and Order Entry Fee in an action
in which support of minor children is determined
Friend of Court Investigation $40

** The filing fee and additional fee are both due at the time of filing.