Mission Statement


                                                                                     VISION STATEMENT

                              “Genesee County strives to be an efficient and effective steward in delivering
                                quality services for our diverse community.  Our priority is to provide mandated
                                services while promoting health, safety, and  long-term community needs”
                                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT   

                     To provide an effective and efficient government to our residents promptly,
                               courteously and compassionately;

                               To ensure an open, transparent, and financially sustainable county government;
                               To be a leader in county government by providing a highly trained and professional 
                               staff of elected officials, appointed officials, and employees through encouraging
                               development, openness, challenge, accountability, diversity, teamwork, and respect
                               for every colleague;

                               To encourage orderly and planned growth through cooperation with residents,
                               business, non-profits, and  institutional partners to ensure a vibrant community;

                               To provide a high standard of ethics on behalf of, and for, all residents.

                                 Adopted May 14, 2018