Mass Transportation Authority

The Genesee County Board of Commissioners make five appointments  to the Mass Transportation Authority's 11 member governing board.  The City of Flint makes the other six appointments.  Genesee County's appointments are;  The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners or his/her designee, one other Commissioner, a representative of the Genesee County Small Cities Association, a representative of the Genesee County Township Association and one resident of the county.  All members serve four year terms.

Member:                                                                        Term Expiration:

Chairman Designee: Comm. Charles Winfrey  
Luke Zelley (Resident of Genesee County)  03/31/2022 
Commissioner Bryant Nolden (Commissioner position) 12/31/2024
Scott Grossmeyer (Small Cities Assoc - City of Fenton) 03/31/2025
Lisa Anderson (MI Township Assoc) 03/31/2025