Genesee Health System

The Genesee Health System Board of Directors is the governing board for the Genesee Health System.   This board has 12 members that are appointed by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners.  State law requires that at least 1/3 of this Board shall be primary consumers or family members of users of the system.  Of that 1/3, at least half of those members shall be primary consumers.  Further, state laws also states that no more than half of the members of this board may be state, county, or local public officials.  Members serve three year terms.

Members:                                                        Term Expiration:

Kyle McCree (General Public)  03/31/2020 
Linda Keller (General Public)  03/31/2020 
Judy Shultz (General Public)  03/31/2020
Wanda A. Cole (Primary Consumer)  03/31/2020 
Terry Bankert (Family Member) 03/31/2021
Wayne Coffell (Family Member) 03/31/2021
Kathryn C. Boles (General Public) 03/31/2021
Patricia Alexander (Primary Consumer) 03/31/2021
Commissioner Ellen Ellenburg (ex-officio) 03/31/2022
Commissioner Brenda Clack (ex-officio) 03/31/2022
Angela Reeves (General Public) 03/31/2022
Commissioner Ted Henry (General Public) 03/31/2022