Genesee County Solid Waste Management Planning Committee

Membership of the Genesee County Solid Waste Management Planning Committee is state-mandated. The committee must include 14 members who represent various sectors including the solid waste industry, environmental groups, local governments, and the general public. The committee’s primary role is to oversee the development and approval of the Solid Waste Management Plan amendment. Members of the committee are appointed to terms that expire when the Solid Waste Management Plan amendment is completed.

Name: Term Expiration:

Solid Waste Management Industry Representatives

Tim Church, Brent Run Landfill 8/31/2023
Derek Neal, Citizens Disposal Landfill 8/31/2023
Kyle Burnash, Happy Can Disposal 8/31/2023
Daniel Bourdow, Green for Life Environmental 8/31/2023

Environmental Interest Group Representatives

Rebecca Fedewa, Flint River Watershed Coalition 8/31/2023
Darren Bagley, Michigan State University Extension 8/31/2023

County Government Representative

Commissioner Debra Newman Ex officio

City Government Representative

Heather Griffin, City of Flint 8/31/2023

Township Government Representative

Chad Young, Mundy Township 8/31/2023

Regional Solid Waste Planning Agency Representative

Derek Bradshaw, GCMPC 8/31/2023

Industrial Waste Generator Representative

John O'Brien, Genesee County Drain Commissioner 8/31/2023

General Public Representatives

Amy Freeman 8/31/2023
Mike Csapo 8/31/2023
Nancy Edwards 8/31/2023