Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission

The Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission was created in 1966 pursuant to PA 261 of 1965.  The Commission has been charged with "acquiring, developing, maintaining, operating, and managing the County Parks, preserves, parkways, and other recreation and conservation facilities to provide for the recreational needs of the people of the County of Genesee."  There are 10 members of the Park Commission that are appointed to 3 year terms by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners.

Member:                                       Term Expiration:

Michael J. Keeler  01/01/22
Comm. Gary Peppin 01/01/23
Michael Lynch  01/01/23
Joe Krapohl  01/01/23 
Comm. Domonique Clemons 01/01/24
Comm. Bryant Nolden 01/01/24
James J. Washington 01/01/24
Gloria Nealy Planning Commission Designee, ex-officio
Jeff Wright Drain Commissioner, ex-officio
Cloyce Dickerson  Road Commission Designee, ex-officio