Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission

Membership on the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission is governed by County Ordinance.  The Commission consists of 11 members who "shall be generally representative of important segments of economic, governmental, social life, and development in the County."  Members to the Commission are appointed to 3 year terms and are appointed by the Chairperson of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners.

Member:                                                       Term Expiration:

Commissioner Meredith Davis Chairperson
Commissioner Debra Newman C/ED Chair
Alan Himelhoch 03/28/24
Jeffrey M. Peake 03/28/24
Cheryl Sclater 03/28/24
Gloria Nealy 03/28/22
Reggie Smith 03/28/22 
Commissioner Domonique Clemons 03/28/22
Mike LaPointe 03/28/22 
Alexander Isaac 03/28/23
Tyler Rossmaessler 03/28/23