Genesee County Land Bank

The Genesee County Land Bank is a government organization that manages tax-foreclosed properties in Genesee County.  Every year they receive a new inventory of tax-foreclosed properties.  The County forecloses on these properties after years of unpaid taxes.  The Land Bank then works to put these properties back into productive use.  This includes selling and renting out properties, managing blight, greening, and revitalizing the neighborhoods that surround those properties.

Member:                                           Term Expiration:

Commissioner Shaun Shumaker 09/30/21
Councilman Santino Guerra 09/30/21
Patricia Lockwood 09/20/23
Commissioner Bryant Nolden 09/20/23
Treasurer Deb Cherry  ex-officio
Commissioner Ellen Ellenburg 09/30/24
Commissioner Charles Winfrey 09/30/25