Genesee County Board of County Canvassers

The Genesee County Board of County Canvassers is composed of two Republican members and two Democratic members. The Board members are responsible for canvassing the votes cast within the county. The Board members certify elections for local, countywide and district offices, which are contained entirely within the county, they serve. The Board members are also responsible for inspecting the county’s ballot containers every four years.  Each political party forwards to the County Clerk three names for consideration by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners.  Members of the Board of Canvassers serve 4 year terms.  Should there be a vacancy in the middle of a term, the political party submits three names to the County Clerk.  The County Clerk picks from those names submitted to fill the remainder of the vacant term.

Member:                                   Party:                            Term Expiration:

Sharon Reeves  Democrat              10/31/21
Michelle Voorheis Republican 10/31/21
Alexander Isaac Democrat 10/31/23
Norma Eskew Republican  10/31/23