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County Government


Animal Control: Picking up stray dogs, Rabies Control, Protection of Public, and picking up dead cats and dogs in the "out county" only (732-1660)

Board of Commissioners Office: Complaints about County Agencies (257-3020)

Clerk's Office: DBA's, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Notary Public, Veteran Discharge Forms (Vital Records 257-3225); Civil, Criminal & Family Court cases dockets and dates, Personal Protection Orders, Acknowledgement of Paternity (after 6/97), Name changes, Emancipation of Minor (Legal Division 257-3220); How to run for office and recall petition information (Elections Division 257-3283); Pay Restitution (257-3041)

(MSU Extension) Cooperative Extension Service: Questions about lawn and garden care, home economics, 4-H, horticulture, agriculture, food and nutrition. (244-8500)

Drain Office
: Drain assessments sent in mail, drain maintenance, wastewater treatment, enforcing flood plains and pollution laws, flood control and water quality plans (732-1590)

Equalization (Land Description): Tax description maps, Tax parcel numbers, Property split information (257-3074)

Emergency Management: Tornado, Flood, Bomb Threats, Hazardous Substance Spill, Fire (257-3064)

Fiscal Services: The primary responsibilities include preparation and maintenance of the County budget; preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Friend of the Court:
  Custody of Minor Children, Payment of Support and Visitation Rights of Parents (257-3300) Automated Acct Info (257-0781) Casework Appts (257-3097)

GCCARD: Meals on Wheels (235-3567); Weatherization (762-4928); Head Start (235-5613): General Information (232-2185)

Health: HIV/STD Clinic, AIDS Support Services, Family Planning, Pregnancy Services, Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening, TB Clinic, Communicable Disease Reporting, Children’s Special Health Care Services, Childhood Lead Prevention, Hearing and Vision Testing, Immunizations, Food Protection, Restaurant Inspections, Sewage Disposal Permits, Air/Water Quality, Tobacco Regulation, WIC Services, Genesee Health Plan. (Information Line 257-3612)

Parks: County Parks, Huckleberry Railroad and Crossroads Village (736-7100)

(Human Resources) Personnel:  County employment, Job postings (257-3034)

Planning: Community Development, Transportation Planning, Solid Waste Planning, Home Improvement Program and Census Depository (257-3010)

Prosecutor:   Criminal & Civil law, Child Abuse & Neglect Unit, Drug Unit & Crime Victim Services, Paternal Blood Testing, Victim/Witness Program (257-3279)

Purchasing:  Bid process, Phone carriers, Vendor List, County Property Sales (257-3030)

Register of Deeds:  Copies of Mortgages, Deeds, Tax Liens, UCC's available at office (257-3060)

Road Commission: Road problems, Road maps (767-4930) Pick up dead deer in Out-County only (not on private property) if in the righ of way (Extension 271)

Sheriff: Central Control (257-3425) Inmate Info (257-3426) DARE (257-3416) Administration (257-3406)

Treasurer: Tax Sale Information, Dog Licenses, Paying Delinquent Taxes, Hotel Tax Information (257-3054)

Veterans Information:  Assistance in filing veterans claims for service and non-service connected disabilities and education benefits, financial help for indigent veterans and veterans in emergency situations and help with burial expenses. (257-3068)

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Genesee County Courts


Circuit Court (Family Division): Neglected/Abused Children, Delinquent Children, Juvenile Records, Acknowledgement of Paternity (prior to 6/97), Secret Marriages (257-3510); Adoptions (424-4470); Juvenile Probation (257-3540); Volunteer/Foster Care (257-3510)

District:  Criminal and Civil Matters: Central Court (257-3170) Flushing Court (659-5659) Davison Court (653-4126) Mt Morris Court (686-7140) Fenton Court (629-5318) Grand Blanc Court (694-2552); Burton Court (743-5600)

 MADD classes (766-8960)

Probate Court: Estates, Execution of Wills, Guardianships, Conservatorships (257-3528); Involuntary Hospitalization for Mental illness (257-3528)

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City, Township and Village Governments

Questions on noise ordinances, mobile home ordinances, taxes that are not 3-years delinquent, unmowed lawns, houses that are unsafe, garbage collection, building inspection and building permits, police protection, fire protection, renter/landlord disputes, city water info (contact your city, township or village offices)


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Civil Service, Library of Michigan, Aging, Agriculture, Air Quality, Arts, Attorney General, Services for the Blind, Casino Gaming Board, Census Information, Child Abuse & Neglect, Children’s Ombudsman, Civil Rights, Community Health, Consumer Protection, Corporate Records and Securities, Corrections, Crime Victim Services, Services for Deaf, Deferred Compensation Programs, Disability Programs, Drinking Water and Radiological Protection; Driver and Vehicle Records, Drug Control Policy, Education, Elections, Employment Assistance, MIOSHA, Employment Standards. Environmental Protection, Family Independence Agency (DSS), Fisheries and Fishing Information, Forest Management, Geological Survey, Health Fraud, Health Services, Horse Racing, Housing, Hunting and Fishing, Indian Affairs, Insurance Regulation, Labor, Land and Water Management, Licensing/Regulation of Occupations, Businesses and other organizations, Liquor Control, Lottery, Michigan Jobs Commission, Military and Veterans’ Affairs, Minerals Lease Management, Natural Resources, Notary Public, Oil and Gas Wells, State Parks, Social Services, Spanish Speaking Affairs, State Police, Surface Water Quality, Taxes-State of Michigan, Tourism, Underground Storage Tanks, Unemployment Benefits and Taxes, Utilities Regulation, Waste Management, Wildlife, Womens’ Civil Rights and Workers’ Disability Compensation, Construction Codes (General Information (517) 373-1837)

Small Business Administration (Detroit) 

(313) 226-6075

Local Family Independence Agency (DSS)

(810) 760-2200

Better Business Bureau (Southfield)

(248) 644-9100

Secretary of State

(810) 789-5040

Attorney General Consumer Protection

(517) 373-1140

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency

(866) 500-0017

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(810) 239-5775

Social Security

(800) 772-1213

Internal Revenue Service

(800) 829-1040 or

(800) 341-6100

Bankruptcy Court

(810) 235-4126

Post Office

(810) 257-1521

Natural Resource Conservation

(810) 230-8781

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