Bishop Airport Authority

There are nine members serving on the Bishop Airport Authority, the governing Board for Bishop International Airport.  Appointments to the Authority are shared with the City of Flint.   Both Genesee County and the City of Flint have four permenant seats on the Authority.  The remaining seat alternates between Genesee County and the City of Flint.  The alternate seat  will again be appointed by Genesee County in 2021 and 2027.  Terms on the Bishop Airport Authority are for three years.

Genesee County Appointees:

Name:                                             Term Expiration:                  Type of Appointment:

Erwin F. Meiers, III   12/31/18              
 Alternating Seat
 Scott T. Henry  12/31/21  Permanent Seat
 Kevin J. Keane 12/31/22   Permanent Seat
Karyn Miller 12/31/22 Permanent Seat
Winfield Cooper, III 12/21/2024 Permanent Seat

                                                                       Bishop International Airport