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1. What does Genesee County Animal Control do? 

We are a public safety organization, and our primary focus is keeping our streets free of dangerous dogs. We enforce Michigan’s License and Leash laws, investigate cruelty and neglect complaints, and assist other public safety organizations in animal cases. We also oversee bite quarantines, inspect kennels, and help with animal rescues in dangerous circumstances. The shelter houses dogs and cats, and sometimes other animals such as rabbits, Guinea Pigs, birds and hamsters come into our care. All animals receive vaccinations at intake, and all un-owned animals are sterilized before they leave our care. The shelter sells dog licenses, helps reunite lost pets with their owners, and has a successful adoption program for homeless pets. The shelter also operates an Outreach Program in the community, to assist in the general health of our County’s animal population and to help educate our community on responsible pet ownership.

2. How do I report animal abuse? 
If you observe any animal that is subjected to questionable living conditions, abuse, neglect, or extended periods of tethering please contact law enforcement, or Animal Control at 810-732-1660 and follow the prompts. 

3. When is Animal Control open to the public? 
Tuesday through Friday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm 
Saturday: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Closed: Sunday, Monday, and holidays.

4. How long are dogs and cats held if it gets impounded by Animal Control?
Dogs and cats that are not identifiable (collar, microchip, etc.) will be held for 4 days. Dogs and cats that are identifiable will be held 7 days allowing shelter personnel to attempt to locate the animal's owner or place the animal.

5.  What do I do if I find a stray animal? 
If we are open, bring the stray to Animal Control. If we are closed, try and secure the stray animal in a garage or bathroom with food and water. Bring the stray to Animal Control the next business day. 

6. Can I call Animal Control to check if my dog or cat was impounded?
No. You must physically come to the shelter to identify your pet. 

7. If I have an animal emergency after hours, where do I call?
Contact your local law enforcement. 

8. What do I do if I find an injured dog or cat?
If you observe an injured animal, use extreme caution as it may bite you out of fear or pain.  Call the Animal Control Department at 810-732-1660 as soon as possible so that the animal can be removed and treated for its injuries. If it's after business hours bring the animal to Animal ER. Address: 1148 E. Bristol Rd. Burton, MI 48529.

9. If I find a stray dog in Lapeer County but I live in Genesee County, am I able to bring the dog to Genesee County Animal Control? 
Unfortunately, no. We only accept stray animals found in Genesee County. However, you do not have to live in Genesee County to adopt one of our animals. 

10. What do I need to bring with me to adopt an animal? 
You will also need to bring either a drivers license or state ID, all members of the family (including pets) for a meet and greet, and payment for the adoption fees.

11. What happens to animals once the 7 day stray hold is over and was not claimed?
We assess the animal and then move healthy and safe animals up for adoption or transfer to a rescue.

12. Do you euthanize healthy animals for space?
Absolutely not! We have trained staff assess their temperment and if they are deemed dangerous to public safety, the director or deputy director of the shelter will then assess and make the decision to euthanize. 

13. Do you offer euthanasia services for pet owners?
We do provide euthanazia services for sick, injured, or elderly pets for a $10 fee. We do have the right to refuse euthanasia services if we deem the dog healthy. We do not provide house-call euthanasia services.