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Judicial Adm. Secretaries, PCOAM, POAM, Teamsters FOC,
Teamsters Parks, 





Express Scripts

Delta Dental

POAM, Parks Maintenance and Sergeants

National Vision Administrators

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

Enrollment Form-Active Employees                                              

Insurance enrollment occurs after the required waiting period, which for most employees is 520 straight-time hours for medical, hospital, prescription, life and disability insurance. Dental and vision insurance is available after the completion of 1,040 straight-time hours or 2080 straight-time hours based on bargaining agreements or personnel policy. New hires with benefit eligibility must attend the benefit orientation.

Spousal enrollment requires a copy of the marriage certificate.

Dependent children are eligible to remain on the employee’s insurance plan until age 26. This includes biological, adopted or step-children. Dependent enrollment requires proof of legal dependent status (birth certificate or adoption certificate). For guardianship, dependent children are eligible until age 18.  There is no age limit requirement for disabled children, as long as the disability was certified prior to age 18 and the child was already enrolled in the employer-sponsored insurance program.

All insurance benefits are effective the 1st of the month following the completion of required straight-time working hours.

Dual hospital/medical/prescription insurance coverage is not allowed. Employees can have only one employer-paid source for medical insurance.  This policy does not apply to dental and vision insurance.

Health Insurance Reimbursement Program allows for a cash reimbursement in lieu of receiving the employer’s medical/hospital/prescription insurance. The amounts vary based on bargaining agreements or personnel policy. Enrollment is done once a year during Open Enrollment (April) or throughout the year if a qualifying event occurred.

                                                        HealthPlus and HAP Comparison Charts
                                                                    Active                           Retiree

                                                                             Active and Retiree


The new rates will go into effect June 1, 2016
The first payroll deduction will occur May 6, 2016

Your Health Plan Choice Family Size  Semi-Monthly*
    Premium Co-Pay
HAP - HMO Single  $               39.64
  Two Individuals  $               79.25
  Family (Three or more)  $              108.18
BCBS - PPO Single  $               67.31
  Two Individuals  $              134.61
  Family (Three or more)  $              183.74
HAP - PPO Single  $               58.43
  Two Individuals  $              116.84
  Family (Three or more)  $              159.49
  Family Size  Semi-monthly*
    Premium Co-Pay
HAP - HMO Single  $              148.92
  Two Individuals  $              297.84
  Family (Three or more)  $              406.55
BCBS - PPO Single  $              162.76
  Two Individuals  $              325.51
  Family (Three or more)  $              444.33
HAP - PPO Single  $              158.32
  Two Individuals  $              316.63
  Family (Three or more)  $              432.20
Delta - POAM, Parks,   Drain     $               40.09
Delta - Other    $               40.55
NVA (Vision) Single  $                 2.06
  Two individuals  $                 4.11
  Family  $                 5.55
*   Semi-monthly premium (2 times per month)