Genesee County Employees Retirement System

 Retirement Commission - 2015

Chairperson - Jeff Cyphert
Vice-Chairperson - Mark Young


John Northrup, Genesee County Board of Commissioners, Chairperson's Designee 

Mark Young, Genesee County Board of Commissioners, Finance Chairperson

Keith Francis, Genesee County Controller

Danis Russell, Genesee Health Systems

John Mandelaris, Genesee County Road Commission, Chairperson's Designee

Vickie Hall, Elected Employee Representative, Term Ending 12/31/2016

Bill Brandon, Elected Employee Representative, Term Ending 12/31/2017

Warren Vyvyan,  Elected Employee Representative, Term Ending 12/31/2015

Jeffrey Cyphert,  Elected Retiree Representative,     Term Ending 12/31/2015


Retirement Services