PA 152 Q & A

On November 2, 2011, the Employer (Genesee County and Genesee County funded Courts) has approved and will comply with Public Act 152 (PA 152), specifically Section 3, which provides what is commonly referred to as the “Hard Cap” limit. This act limits the contribution the Employer can pay towards medical, hospital and prescription insurance premiums and illustrative rates.  

This change does not apply to employees of Genesee County Community Mental Health, the Water and Waste Division of the County Drain Commissioner’s Office, or the Board of County Road Commissioners.

Since yesterday, I have received many inquiries and decided to set up a Question and Answer (Q & A) forum. Some of the inquiries are listed below. If you have additional questions, please contact me directly at the HR Benefits Office at 810-237-6120 or via E-mail at

Enrollment/Change/Deletion Form         Health Coverage Opt-Out/Reimb. Form

Enrollment/Change/Deletion Form         Health Coverage Opt-Out/Reimb. Form

I am a union employee under an expired contract and have BCBS PPO
coverage. Will my BCBS PPO Community Blue plan change?

No, the current plan design for BCBS Community Blue PPO plan will stay the same. The change will be the premium sharing that begins with your pay on December 9. The premium sharing for BCBS participants will be deducted the first two pays of each month. The premium sharing requirements are as follows:


Single                     $  84.86 each pay

Two:                       $169.72 each pay

Family:                   $231.44 each pay

BCBS Traditional

Single                     $104.68 each pay

Two:                       $209.37 each pay

Family:                   $285.50 each pay

I am a union employee under an expired contract and have HealthPlus insurance. What happens to me?

There will be no premium sharing requirement at this time. It will start June 1, 2012. You will continue with your current HealthPlus plan, either HealthPlus H7 or HealthPlus DUDA. Prior to the annual Open Enrollment in April 2012, employees will receive the notices, as every year, to announce plan rate changes. At that time you will know what the premium sharing requirements are.

I am a non-union, benefit eligible employee. I understand that there will be a Special Enrollment period, which will allow me to change to another plan. What are these plan options?

The plan options that non-union, benefit eligible employees can switch to during the Special Enrollment are: BCBS PPO 664, HealthPlus PPO and HealthPlus HMO. The enrollment period is from Monday, November 7 through Thursday, November 10. If you are submitting your enrollment form via electronic transmission, you can do so until 8:00 a.m. on Monday, November 14, 2011. The fax number is (810) 768-7097.

What are the premium rates for the plan options for non-union employees?

The non-union employee premium share will be deducted beginning with the pay check on December 9. The next deduction will be December 22, 2011. For the calendar year there will be 24 insurance premium deductions.


Single:                    $   59.43                   

Two:                       $ 118.85                 

Family:                   $ 162.07                 


Single:                    $    5.49                  

Two:                       $  12.34                                  

Family:                   $  14.81


Single:                    $    4.27                                  

Two:                       $    9.61                                  

Family:                   $  11.53                                 

What happens if I do not send in my Special Enrollment form and do not make an election?

For non-union, benefit eligible employees who fail to submit their election form, they will be placed with the same carrier. For example, if you currently have BCBS PPO, you will be enrolled into the new BCBS PPO 664 plan. If you are currently enrolled in the HealthPlus HMO H7 plan, you will be placed into the remaining HealthPlus HMO plan DUDA. If you are currently in the DUDA plan, and this would most likely apply to any new hires since 2005, you would remain within the HealthPlus HMO DUDA plan.

Will this change qualify as a “Qualifying Event” in order to drop my County coverage and switch to my spouse’s insurance?

Yes, this would be a “Qualifying Event.”

What happens if I separate employment prior to January 1, 2012, because I am retiring or deferring my pension and health care benefits?

If you separate your employment prior to January 1, 2012, because you are retiring, you would not be subject to these changes. You would be eligible to maintain your current plan (or whatever options are currently available to you). For example, if you are currently buying up to the BCBS Traditional plan and you decide to retire prior to January 1, 2012, you would be eligible to continue with your buy-up plan option as a retiree.

If you are separating employment and deferring your pension and health care benefits prior to January 1, 2012, you would be eligible for the benefits that were in place on your last day of employment. Please keep in mind the premium contribution requirements for deferred retirees.