Program Guidelines

1. Educational reimbursement application forms can be obtained from the Human Resources Department or by clicking here.

2. Full time, seniority employees must be on active employment payroll during the entire duration of the course to be eligible.

3. Course must be from an accredited college or institution, must be applicable to a position within the County and be in accordance with County Personnel Policy or union contract. Seminars, workshops, and other training sessions which do not provide credit, are excluded.

4. Employees must satisfactorily meet academic achievement requirements. Undergraduate coursework must receive a minimum grade “C” and graduate coursework a minimum grade “B.”

5. Class attendance and course assignments must be completed on the employee's own time, unless authorized personal and/or vacation time is being used. Employees are also prohibited from utilizing break periods and/or lunch periods to attend class, however, approved flex schedules are permitted to be utilized.

6. There is an allowed maximum reimbursement limit for tuition expenses per employee per calendar year. A refund will not exceed the employee's actual expenditures, nor will reimbursement be issued for expenses also being reimbursed through other sources (i.e. scholarships, Pell grants, G.I. Bill, etc.). Payments for books, supplies, transportation, parking, meals, recreational activities, and graduation are excluded. However, mandatory fees for which the employee is required to pay in order to register for approved course(s) will be reimbursed. 

Application Instructions     

The application form must be submitted to Human Resources Department as soon as possible. The application will not be approved if it is after two (2) weeks following the first day of class. Proof of class registration and an itemized bill from the institution must accompany the application. It is the sole responsibility of the employee to submit the application, class registration, and itemized bill to the Human Resources Department by this deadline.  Upon Receipt, a determination will be made as to whether the employee and the course work meet program eligibility requirements and notification will be sent.

Within thirty (30) days of the completion of approved course(s), the following documents must be submitted to the Human Resources Department: 1) Official copy of the grade report (or similar official evidence of completion of the course); 2) Receipt verifying that the tuition for the course(s) has been paid in full; and 3) Copy of the approved application form. Tuition reimbursement will be issued for approved courses within thirty (30) days of receipt of the above documents. If an employee receiving educational reimbursement leaves County's employment prior to expiration of a one (1) year period following completion of the reimbursed course(s), they shall repay the County on the basis of 1/12 of the amount for each month they are short of meeting this one (1) year requirement.