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Work First

Food Stamp Employment and Training


GCCARD's Work First Program continues to provide state of art services that assist residents of Genesee County with gainful employment.  In the past year, the Work First program has placed over 1,000 residents in jobs while looking to assist over 600 of these in retaining those jobs for more than three months (90 days).  The purpose of the Work First Program is to help people receiving assistance from The Department of Human Services, formerly known as the Family Independence Agency (FIA) to become gainfully employed and to pursue a career path independent of receiving state aid.

We also provide employment services that enable individuals and families to increase their income to a level where they are no longer welfare or assistance dependent.

These goals are achieved by the following:


  • Intake and Assessment
  • Reception
  • Job Search Assistance (JSA)
  • Support Services
  • Retention
  • MIS
  • Administration


The Work First team is looking to continue servicing the needs of the residents of Genesee County this fiscal year, and to meet the challenge of helping a significant portion of it's residents attain gainful employment. 

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