Dog Licenses.

Genesee County TreasurerNew structure effective December 1, 2012.

You must be a resident of Genesee County to purchase a dog license in Genesee County.  


  • All dogs are required by state law to be licensed by the age of four (4) months. The owner then has thirty (30) days to provide proof of age, date of current rabies shot, and proof of spaying/neutering (if applicable) to a licensing office.
  • Mail or bring form with other documentation to Genesee County Treasurer's Office, Animal Control Department or call ahead to see if these local municipalities and veterinarian offices  have them available.


  • License renewal occurs the month the rabies vaccination is due. Dog owners needing to renew their dog’s license will receive a pre-printed application by mail thirty days before the next rabies vaccine expiration month. Pre-printed applications are NOT required to purchase a license. 
  • Depending on the rabies expiration date, there may be a choice of one or three year licenses. Three year licenses may only be purchased for dogs that are at the beginning of their three year rabies vaccination. All others must purchase a one year license until the start of a new 3 year vaccination cycle.
          Fee structure (as of 12/1/2012):

License Type 1 year   3 year
Spayed/neutered dog $10  $25 
Male/female dog $30 $80
Delinquent fee (both types)  $50  $100 
  • Mail or bring form to Genesee County Treasurer’s Office, Animal Control Department or call ahead to see if these local municipalities and veterinarian offices have them available.  Bring check made payable to Genesee County Treasurer along with current rabies certificate.

Rabies expires 6/23/2013

The 2012 license will be extended until June 2013. Owner must take their dog to the vet to get a current rabies vaccination. Depending on the vaccination given, a one (1) year OR three (3) year license can be purchased. June is their new renewal date.

Rabies expires 2/01/2014

The 2012 license will be extended until February 2013 and only a one (1) year license may be purchased. February is their new renewal date. 


  • Mail or bring completed copy of Replacement Tag Form to the Genesee County Treasurer's Office and we will replace these free of charge.
For questions call: Genesee County Treasurer's Office at (810) 257-3054 or Genesee County Animal Control at (810) 732-1660.