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Welcome to the Genesee County Real Property Official Records Search - TrakRecord Public Access.

This service will allow you to search the history of property records or obtain recorded property documents. Documents may be purchased in bulk packages or one at a time.

Records purchased through this system are copies of the records on file with the Genesee County Register of Deeds.  Certified copies, as may be necessary for court matters, are available at the Office of the Register of Deeds for an additional fee.


Using the Service

You must utilize Internet Explorer 11 in Compatibility mode for full functionality. Windows 10 users may think they are using Internet Explorer but they are actually using Edge. Silverlight is not compatible with Edge. We have those users click on Start and do a Search for Internet Explorer. When in Compatibility view settings, the Genesee County site must be added and the two check boxes at the bottom of the window must be checked. When the user clicks on Close, a dialog box will ask the user to leave the page. The user must leave the page.

Download Microsoft Silverlight

The latest version of Microsoft Silverlight is required for TrakRecord Public Access. When you click the search link, TrakRecord Public Access will prompt you to install Microsoft Silverlight, if needed.

Register  or Login  (you must be registered and logged in to purchase and print documents)
To become a registered user simply click the “Register” link in the upper left corner of TrakRecord Public Access main window.  Fill out the registration form, choose a Member ID and Password for future visits

Search & View Documents
To view a document from the search results grid, simply select the document you wish to view then click the camera button. All documents recorded in 2000 or later are viewable online, with some being available from earlier years (such as plats). The image will be blurred until the document is purchased. When searching and your grantor or grantee name includes an "&" replace the symbol with the word "and".

Purchase Documents
To save or print a document, you must purchase it.  The document will not be emailed or mailed to you.  Once the purchase is complete, the document will appear in your cart with a green check-mark showing that you "Own" it.  You may then print the document using the print button in the cart. 

Online Help  
In the upper right-corner of the TrakRecord window, click the question mark in the blue circle for online help, including screenshots.