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630 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48502

Image: Central Court - McCree Courts & Human Services Building
The District Court-Criminal/Warrant Division, also known as the Pretrial and Warrant Division of the Prosecutor's Office, is housed in the McCree Courts and Human Services Building in downtown Flint (Click here for a map). The Division is headed by Managing Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Cassady and is further comprised of five assistant prosecutors and two administrative support staff.

The primary responsibilities of this Division are carried out in eleven (11) different courts which comprise the 67th District Courts and 68th District Courts within Genesee County.  Assistant Prosecutors handle cases both at the Central Court in downtown Flint and at the outlying satellite courts of the 67th District Court in Burton, Davison, Grand Blanc, Fenton, Flushing, and Mt. Morris.  All felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants originate in this Division.  The primary duties of this Division include authorization of arrest warrants, pre-trials for both felony and misdemeanor cases, felony preliminary examinations, and misdemeanor jury trials.  A variety of miscellaneous motions and hearings are also handled by this Division during the course of a case.  






Tamara Phillips Managing Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165  tphillips@co.genesee.mi.us
Mike Beer Special Assistant Attorney General (810)257-3165 mbeer@co.genesee.mi.us
Gladys Christopherson Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 gchristopherson@co.genesee.mi.us
Lia Clarkson Special Assistant Attorney General (810)257-3165 lclarkson@co.genesee.mi.us
Whitney Frazier Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 wfrazier@co.genesee.mi.us
David Guinn Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 dguinn@co.genesee.mi.us
Ashley Jenkins Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 ajenkins@co.genesee.mi.us
Brian Kolodziej Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 bkolodziej@co.genesee.mi.us
David Mayes Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 dmayes@co.genesee.mi.us
Patrick McCombs Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 pmccombs@co.genesee.mi.us
Michelle Richardson Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 mrichardson@co.genesee.mi.us
Anthony Tomaszewski Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (810)257-3165 atomaszewski@co.genesee.mi.us 
Rochelle Brown Secretary (810)257-3165 rbrown@co.genesee.mi.us
Nancy Demock Secretary (810)257-3165 ndemock@co.genesee.mi.us
Debra Jones Secretary (810)257-3165 djones@co.genesee.mi.us
Melissa Williams Legal Assistant (810)257-3165 mwilliams@co.genesee.mi.us